Christian Dior Tibet Haute Couleur Lipsticks, 1987

Christian Dior Lipstick – Vogue, June 1987 – FINNFEMME

In keeping with the bold, bright and vivid vibe of the 1980s, Christian Dior introduced their Haute Couleur lipsticks. They soothed, softened, moisturized and protected from the sun. This gorgeous fuchsia/hot pink shade is FABULOUS – my absolute favorite color! ♥


Introducing Soleil Chanel, 1987

Chanel Soleil – Vogue, June 1987 – FINNFEMME

Chanel introduced its suncare system in 1987 with the Soleil line, created in Europe. Tanning was still popular in the 1980s, and, in keeping with Coco Chanel’s penchant for a golden tan, Chanel’s focus was on maintaining that golden glow, not so much on sun protection.

The highest SPF was 15 in the Haute Protection sun shelter cream, which is laughable these days. The Bronzage Progressif protective bronzing lotion had an SPF 8, which is even more laughable. The whole focus was on getting tan first, then ‘restoring’ your damaged skin with Apres-Soleil Revitalisant face cream and Apres-Soleil Apaisant body lotion. The illusion that you could maintain that golden young glow of summer was very real.


The New Paris Pale Sweaters and Berets, 1972

Sonia Rykiel Fashions – Mademoiselle March 1972 – FINNFEMME
Dorothee Bis, Maud Frizon, and J.A.P. Fashions – Mademoiselle March 1972 – FINNFEMME

Spring 1972 was an especially stylish time for French fashion. I really loved this blip of a moment in the early 70s, where all things Parisian were tres chic! These gorgeously hip and trendy pieces were FABULOUS. Sonia Rykiel designed all the items in the top photo: mohair and angora sweater sets, wool jersey widepants that end above the ankle, along with the berets, bags, belts, fake fruit and shoes.

The second photo showcases big puffy batwing sleeve sweaters and man-tailored trousers in pastel colors designed by Maud Frizon, J.A.P., and Dorothee Bis. Tall platform sandals and jaunty berets completed the look. At the same time, Betsey Johnson was designing similarly in the USA, and BIBA in the UK, but this was a decidedly Parisian take that only the French can do. ♥


Happy Hanging Out Earth Days

I haven’t written about laundry or clotheslines in awhile, but just wanted to reassure you that I am still a 100% air-dryer (since my dryer broke in 2005). I have been rejoicing in the warmer, sunnier days here in the Pacific Northwest, because I am able to hang laundry out on my backyard clothesline. Drying times are SO MUCH faster out in the gentle warm breeze, and has the bonus of adding that mysterious magical drying scent to everything. It seems to be more prominent on sheets, which is intoxicating while drifting off to sleep.

During the winter, I have to string my laundry on drying racks, rails, and furniture. It gets tricky (and crowded) with damp laundry hanging around for days while drying. I have toyed with the idea of getting a ventless dryer, but I am so used to air-drying now that it would seem weird to have a machine do it for me. We just celebrated Earth Day yesterday, but I prefer to celebrate it every day in my own practical earth-friendly ways. Be kind to Mother Earth!


Vintage 70s Coty Sweet Earth Fragrances, The Flowers of 1776

Sweet Earth by Coty – Seventeen August 1975 – FINNFEMME

Perhaps as a nod to the upcoming United States Bicentennial in 1976, Sweet Earth presented a lovely version of ‘The Flowers of 1776’. These Coty fragrances – in their signature triple fragrance cream perfume compacts – represented the fragrances of the fields and gardens of America in 1776.

The Colonial Wildflowers collection included Wild Rose, Columbine and Lilac. The Colonial Garden Flowers collection included Peony, Verbena, and Lavender. Beautiful scents all around! ♥


Levi’s Junior Collection For Gals, 1975

Levi’s Junior Collection – Seventeen August 1975 – FINNFEMME

Levi’s debuted a collection for girls/women in the 1970s. This Junior line included pants, jeans, jackets, jumpers, skirts and shirts that were cut and styled to fit just you (and not him). The trademark included a lady, and this was to denote that “She’s on the Levi’s only a girl can love”.

Up until that point, Levi’s were only made for boys/men, and had to be altered to fit the female form. I can remember sewing in the waistband to make them fit, because I loved wearing Levi’s so much. Vintage 501s forever! I only wish I had saved my old jeans. 🙂