Vintage 1943 Ladies Jaunty Sailor Hat to Crochet (Pattern)

Vintage 1943 WWII Classic Sailor Hat Pattern

This is a cute and stylin’ 1940s sailor hat to crochet. It looks more like a fascinator hat to me, and is uniquely indicative of World War II fashion.


Vintage 1973 Baroque Granny Square Bedspread to Crochet (Pattern)

Crocheted Baroque Bedspread

This is a classic 1970s Granny Square pattern! This richly colored, beautifully crocheted spread recycles sports yarn remnants.

“Would be especially effective in an uncluttered room”, per the caption. 😀


Jean Shrimpton Cover Girl Vogue April 1963

Model Jean Shrimpton, Vogue April 15, 1963 – FINNFEMME

I am 99.9% positive that this is model Jean Shrimpton on the cover of Vogue magazine. The really strange thing is that Vogue did not identify the cover girl; only giving details of the photographer (William Klein), evening dress (St. Laurent), hairdresser (Alexandre), and lipstick (Charles of the Ritz Cultured Pink). It is a gorgeous and elegant cover, however. And in a year or two, Jean Shrimpton would be the reigning supermodel of the Mod era.


Classic and Elegant 1960s Max Factor Makeup

Max Factor Makeup – Vogue April 15, 1963 – FINNFEMME

This is a wonderful Max Factor makeup ad from the April 15, 1963 issue of Vogue magazine. The early 1960s were a particularly elegant and classic time, due in part from the stylish influence of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. The models here are particularly stunning and high-maintenance; not your everyday woman.

Max Factor makeup was all about coverage and a flawless look. Pan-Stick foundation came in a nifty swivel case, to cover up all your imperfections and lock-in moisture. Creme-Puff was a velvety blend of powder and foundation. Erace was a touch-up stick to make dark circles, lines and flaws instantly invisible. Hi-Fi Fluid was a blend of moisturizers and beauty oils to create a natural dewy look. Sheer Genius blended moisturizers, foundation and powder to give a soft matte finish. The original Pan-Cake makeup covered lines, blemishes and freckles with its superbly smooth , natural finish.


Vintage 80s Valentino Panther/Leopard Print Collection

Valentino Leopard Print Collection – Vogue, June 1987 – FINNFEMME

Leopard print – or Panther pattern, as described here – has always been in fashion. Valentino Boutiques featured these tawny neutrals with playful animal themes in a 1987 collection. In luxurious cashmere and suede, they personified the over-the-top 80s style. MEOW!


Christian Dior Tibet Haute Couleur Lipsticks, 1987

Christian Dior Lipstick – Vogue, June 1987 – FINNFEMME

In keeping with the bold, bright and vivid vibe of the 1980s, Christian Dior introduced their Haute Couleur lipsticks. They soothed, softened, moisturized and protected from the sun. This gorgeous fuchsia/hot pink shade is FABULOUS – my absolute favorite color! ♥