Designer Mary Quant’s Booby Trap Collection, 1974

Booby Traps by Mary Quant ad – Mademoiselle March 1974 ~ Finnfemme

Mary Quant was a Mod London designer who took credit for the miniskirt and hotpants in the 1960s. In the 1970s, she expanded her clothing line to include cosmetics and household goods. This 1974 ad is for “Booby Traps”, which look to be a bra and panties set. Interestingly enough, there are elephant graphics strategically placed and is called the “Trump Trump” collection. Along with Booby Traps, Mary Quant Tights in 12 hues were sold in her cosmetic fashion outlets around the world.


The New Chanel No. 19 Perfume, 1974

Chanel No. 19 Perfume ad – Mademoiselle March 1974 ~ Finnfemme

Chanel No. 19 perfume was introduced in 1970, and the number 19 refers to Coco Chanel’s birthday which was August 19th. Chanel No. 19 was a floral-woody-green scent; a unique blend of light-heartedness and sophistication. It was bottled, of course, in the famously classic Chanel No. 5 style bottle.


Classic Catherine Deneuve for Chanel No. 5 Perfume, 1974

Catherine Deneuve for Chanel ad – Mademoiselle March 1974 ~ Finnfemme

Catherine Deneuve was the “face” of Chanel during the 1970s, and this ad is particularly beautiful. Just so classic and elegant! Chanel No. 5 perfume is timeless, and its popularity remains strong today.


Scholl “Better than Barefoot” Exercise Sandals, 1974

Scholl Exercise Sandals Ad – Mademoiselle April 1974 ~Finnfemme

“Come feel the hills and valleys of your feet”. This is a very poetic ad for Scholl exercise sandals. These sandals were extremely popular in the 70s, even though (I thought) they were hard to wear. This 1974 version came in either a red, blue, or bone cushioned leather strap, and a flat or raised heel. They sold for $12.95 ($68.08 in today’s dollar).

“Come rest your feet in the hollows and the rises.

Experience the coolness of polished beechwood against the warmth of bare skin.

Feel the little mound we call the toe-grip, that helps you turn mere steps into a beautiful toning and awakening for your legs.

Celebrate the sole, for it is the most sensitive thing of all.

Scholl, the original Exercise Sandal.

Feeling is believing.”


Yardley “True-Love” Slicker Nail Shades, 1974

Yardley Slicker Nail Shades – Mademoiselle April 1974 ~ Finnfemme

Found another Yardley of London ad that I’d not seen before! This one is For “true-love” Slicker nail polish. The ad features models that look like they’re in their 40s; quite a switch from Yardley’s supermodels of the 60s, and the artsy young teen models of the early 70s.

The 12 new Slicker Nail Shades were: For You|Pine, True Blue, Am I Blue?, Cuddlin’ Coral, My Lady Lavender, Flirting With Pink, Cosmic Coral, One-To-One Pink, I’m Blushing, E.B. Browning, Gold Hands/Warm Heart, and Warm Friends. All were supposed to give you perfect color coverage, dry quickly, and resist chipping.


Kraft Food’s Psychedelic 1969 Bake Sale Recipes

Kraft Psychedelic Bake Sale Recipes, Co-ed magazine, January 1969 ~Finnfemme

This is a delightful collection of “psychedelic” bake sale recipes from Kraft Foods! I love the groovy decorations and colors. You could make Guru Goodies, Kookie Pops, Pow Wow Cake and Tiffany Cheese Cake.

Far out, man!

Marilyn 🙂