Mary Quant’s Jeepers Peepers Colour Makeup, 1973

Mary Quant Jeepers Peepers – Glamour May 1973 ~ Finnfemme

This is a rather subdued ad for Mary Quant’s supposed “contribution to a more colourful world”. I almost overlooked it when doing a perusal of my vintage magazines. I am confused because the company is Clark Jr, which I could find no information on – possibly associated with designer Ossie Clark? It doesn’t show Mary Quant’s packaging very well either; perhaps because it is bland and unexciting. The layout of the ad is strange, but apparently there were six new kits with three new colours. The new Jeepers Peepers colours: Red, White and Blue, Go Green, Tiddlypinks, Sugared Almonds, Boy Blue and Peanuts. Designed so you can use them together to tremendous effect, or solo and cool.


Dior Vibrant Gel Eyeshadow Cremes, 1973

Christian Dior Eyes – Glamour May 1973 ~Finnfemme

Christian Dior eye makeup was quite intense, colorful and vibrant in 1973. It is reminiscent of Biba’s English “Dolly” look that was popular in the UK at the time. These Gel Eyeshadow Cremes came in six tender terrestrial shades: African Mauve, Egyptian Clay, Afghan Green, Indian Purple, China Blue, and Cypress Rose. So lovely!


Farrah Fawcett’s Hair on Herbal Blossoms Shampoo, 1975

Farrah Fawcett for Wella Herbal Blossoms Shampoo ad – Mademoiselle April 1975 ~ Finnfemme

I think that model and actress Farrah Fawcett had the most magnificent hair EVER. So, of course, she scored many modeling contracts showcasing her mane in hair care advertisements of the 1970s.

Wella Herbal Blossoms shampoo seemed like a knockoff of the popular Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo. I really don’t remember it at all, but if it made my hair look like Farrah’s, I should have used it!


Dorothy Gray’s Fun Frosts Lip and Nail Colors Inspired by Funny Lady, 1975

Dorothy Gray Fun Frosts – Mademoiselle April 1975 ~ Finnfemme

I love this great Art Deco-ish ad! The design and colors are just fabulous. I don’t remember Dorothy Gray so much, but these “Fun Frosts” lip and nail colors are wonderful. Inspired by the 1975 move Funny Lady, starring Barbra Streisand as Fanny Brice, the lip colors and nail gloss came in three dazzling shades of Porcelain Pink, Twinkling Rose and Shimmery Bronze. Shades of the glamorous thirties. When Broadway was spectacular. And Fanny Brice was the goddess of fun.


Electrics Sunglasses by Foster Grant, 1975

Electrics Sunglasses by Foster Grant – Mademoiselle Aptil 1975 ~ Finnfemme

Electrics sunglasses by Foster Grant were advertised as having gradient lenses and high-voltage frames for a look that throws off sparks. They came in silver, black and brown metal frames with matching tinted and gradient lenses to give you a full range of electric possibilities at slight different voltages. Switched -on sunglasses that plug right into your own “personal” electricity. 🙂