Finally! My Natural Gray Has Grown Out

I had been meaning to grow out my natural, i.e. gray, color for quite a few years. I made attempts to stop dyeing my hair a couple of times, but always relented at the 5th month mark when my roots got terrifying. My 20-year journey of hair coloring had gone from semi-permanent dark strawberry blonde – to cover the stray grays in my natural red hair – to pretty much a full-on permanent platinum blonde. Egads.

The last time I dyed my hair was in November 2019. And we all know what happened in 2020. It just seemed rather silly to be coloring my hair during a world-wide pandemic, so I let it grow out. Over the course of the next two years, I followed the routine of letting it grow a few inches and then blunt cutting a few inches off myself. I wear my hair in a long bob so it’s an easy style to maintain. It was so satisfying to chop off those fried, dried ends, and let the healthy hair gradually take over.

Last week I wielded my scissors and cut 4″ off the last of my dyed hair. It was momentous to me to have a head full of natural colored hair. I really like the color striations of ash blonde, dark pewter and light gray that are coming in. As a natural redhead, I was always so curious as to what would hues would appear. I am quite delighted with how little maintenance my hair requires now. Basically none.

There is one thing that I have to get used to though: not being a redhead anymore. When you are a redhead – especially when young – your hair gets a ton of attention (both good and bad). It is part of your identity. But I am learning that growing older and getting less attention is not necessarily a bad thing. I can just do my own thing without commentary. Being healthy and feeling good about yourself is its own kind of bliss. 🙂


Vintage 1943 Ladies Jaunty Sailor Hat to Crochet (Pattern)

Vintage 1943 WWII Classic Sailor Hat Pattern

This is a cute and stylin’ 1940s sailor hat to crochet. It looks more like a fascinator hat to me, and is uniquely indicative of World War II fashion.


Vintage 1973 Baroque Granny Square Bedspread to Crochet (Pattern)

Crocheted Baroque Bedspread

This is a classic 1970s Granny Square pattern! This richly colored, beautifully crocheted spread recycles sports yarn remnants.

“Would be especially effective in an uncluttered room”, per the caption. 😀


Jean Shrimpton Cover Girl Vogue April 1963

Model Jean Shrimpton, Vogue April 15, 1963 – FINNFEMME

I am 99.9% positive that this is model Jean Shrimpton on the cover of Vogue magazine. The really strange thing is that Vogue did not identify the cover girl; only giving details of the photographer (William Klein), evening dress (St. Laurent), hairdresser (Alexandre), and lipstick (Charles of the Ritz Cultured Pink). It is a gorgeous and elegant cover, however. And in a year or two, Jean Shrimpton would be the reigning supermodel of the Mod era.


Classic and Elegant 1960s Max Factor Makeup

Max Factor Makeup – Vogue April 15, 1963 – FINNFEMME

This is a wonderful Max Factor makeup ad from the April 15, 1963 issue of Vogue magazine. The early 1960s were a particularly elegant and classic time, due in part from the stylish influence of First Lady Jackie Kennedy. The models here are particularly stunning and high-maintenance; not your everyday woman.

Max Factor makeup was all about coverage and a flawless look. Pan-Stick foundation came in a nifty swivel case, to cover up all your imperfections and lock-in moisture. Creme-Puff was a velvety blend of powder and foundation. Erace was a touch-up stick to make dark circles, lines and flaws instantly invisible. Hi-Fi Fluid was a blend of moisturizers and beauty oils to create a natural dewy look. Sheer Genius blended moisturizers, foundation and powder to give a soft matte finish. The original Pan-Cake makeup covered lines, blemishes and freckles with its superbly smooth , natural finish.


Vintage 80s Valentino Panther/Leopard Print Collection

Valentino Leopard Print Collection – Vogue, June 1987 – FINNFEMME

Leopard print – or Panther pattern, as described here – has always been in fashion. Valentino Boutiques featured these tawny neutrals with playful animal themes in a 1987 collection. In luxurious cashmere and suede, they personified the over-the-top 80s style. MEOW!