Knit a Vintage 50s Nordic Ski Sweater and Cap

Knit a Vintage 1958 Nordic Ski Sweater and Cap

This is a beautiful vintage 1958 ski sweater and cap pattern to knit! It has a gorgeous traditional Nordic/Fair Isle yoke pattern that is always classic and fashionable. Instructions and sizing info below.

Happy knitting! 🙂


Coty’s Little Originals Pot Shop Makeup, 1972

The Little Originals Pot Shop by Coty, 1972

Here we have another 1970s makeup line that was trying to capture the essence of Yardley of London’s wildly popular Pot o’ Gloss. Coty had their Little Originals makeup line that was based on the idea that color should look like it came from you, not them. “A boy likes a girl who doesn’t look like a plastic toy”.

The Coty Pot Shop – as they called it – had a Blush Pot for your cheeks, Smudge Pots and Color Flicks for your eyes, and Honey Pot and Little Dippers for your your lips. They were packaged in tiny, easy-to-carry pots and pans which were similar to Yardley’s. Cute, but nothing could compare to Pot o’ Gloss in my opinion!


Jennifer O’Neill for Lanvin My Sin Perfume, 1972

Jennifer O’Neill – Lanvin My Sin Perfume – 1972

Lanvin’s My Sin perfume was created in 1924 by “Madame Zed”, who worked on many more Lanvin fragrances. It remains a classic today, as it did in 1972 when this ad was published. My Sin was discontinued in 1988, but you can score vintage bottles online.

Jennifer O’Neill was the “It” girl in 1972, having received recognition for her role in the 1971 film, Summer of ’42. She was also a model for Cover Girl makeup. This sexy ad shows her spraying My Sin perfume with the caption “Jennifer O’Neill is a Sinner.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought it a bit of a contradiction with Lanvin’s “mother and child” logo and the My Sin branding! 😀


Cheryl Tiegs + Cover Girl Super Sheer Lip Gloss, 1972

Cover Girl Super Sheer Gloss with Cheryl Tiegs, 1972

Yardley’s Pot o’ Gloss was the heavy hitter in the lip gloss market in the 1970s. Of course, Cover Girl had to come out with a lip gloss of their own to compete. This 1972 Glamour magazine ad features model Cheryl Tiegs for Cover Girl Super Sheer Super Gloss lip gloss, “the new sheershine look for lips”. It came in six pretty shades, and, not surprisingly, in a cute little pot like Pot o’ Gloss. But, to me, nothing could compare to my beloved Pot o’ Gloss!


Sunkist Original Fresh Lemon Hair Rinse, 1972

Sunkist Lemon Juicer ad, 1972

Back in the 1970s, there was a real ‘natural’ beauty kick going on. Not products that were natural, but actual food items to be used as beauty products. Sunkist really pushed their lemons to be used for your hair. This 1972 ad touts that the Sunkist Fresh Lemon does marvelous things for freshly shampooed hair. Like help get rid of nasty soap film and excess oiliness. And leave your hair bright and shiny and smelling fresh.

All you need to do is just cut the lemon in half and squeeze. Or attach the handy dandy lemon juicer (which you could send for, using the coupon and 50 cents). You stick the juicer in the lemon, squeeze and pour the juice directly on your hair.


Yardley’s Pot o’Gloss Lights Up Your Face, 1972

Model Karen Hensley for Yardley’s Pot o’ Gloss, 1972

I thought I’d exhausted all the Yardley Pot o’ Gloss ads, but I believe that I found one that I haven’t posted before! From the August 1972 issue of Glamour magazine, this ad features the beautiful model Karen Hensley “transforming” her face by using Pot o’ Gloss. It mentions that Karen was a sophomore at Fordham University at the time, but doesn’t mention that she was also a Ford model (thanks, Google search). So it would have been a stretch for us mere teenage schlubs to expect to have have the same results.

Of course I, and millions of other young women, were devoted fans of Pot o’ Gloss. It just felt good on, had staying power and came in deliciously lovely shades. Smelled awesome too! Maybe deep down we felt that our faces were also brightened up by using it. We couldn’t expect to look like Karen Hensley, but maybe we were a more confident version of ourselves.