There Was Actually Yardley Pot o’ Gloss Nail Polish?

Yardley Pot o' Gloss Nail Polish, 1972 | FinnfemmeOnce again, I went through my personal stash of vintage magazines from the late ’60s/early ’70s looking for any Yardley of London ads that I may have overlooked. Voila! I found one featuring a rather fresh and romantic-looking couple.

From the the October 1972 issue of Ingenue magazine, this ad is for Yardley’s Pot o’ Gloss Nail Polish. Wait, what? NAIL POLISH?! Either I’d forgotten about it, or had overlooked it in the first place. I just don’t remember it. Being such an obsessive Pot o’ Gloss lip gloss fan at the time, maybe my obsession didn’t run to my fingernails?

Anyway, this nail polish sounds rather delightful: “Shiny, glossy nails with a touch of scent…they could bring back the kiss on the hand.”  It promised that everything Pot o’ Gloss gave to your lips, you could have for your nails too. The shine, the gloss, the nice light scent were all there in the sweet little baby pots. The scent of Pot o’ Gloss is the kicker – it is one of my most favorite scents ever!



Groovy Vintage 1972 Marimekko for Fieldcrest Towels

Marimekko for Fieldcrest Towels vintage 1972 | Finnfemme BlogMarimekko for Fieldcrest towels vintage 1972 | Finnfemme BlogI found these fab vintage Marimekko towels at a thrift store today. I had seen them there before and though that they were cool, but today I actually looked at the label – Marimekko for Fieldcrest, 1972 – SCORE. Of course, being the huge Marimekko fan that I am, I snapped them up with delight!

Doing a bit of research I found that Marimekko entered into licensing agreements with several manufacturers in 1972, Fieldcrest being one of them. So the recent 2016 Marimekko collaboration with Target is not a new thing.

I just love the bold yellow and orange wavy graphics, and the towels are amazingly plush and soft. I am looking forward to using them this autumn – they have the perfect Halloween colors!


Vintage 1980s Yves Saint Laurent~Rive Gauche Fashions

Vintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent~Rive Gauche Fashions | FinnfemmeFrom the September 1985 issue of Vogue magazine, this is a fabulous advertising spread of Yves Saint Laurent ~ Rive Gauche fashions and footwear. Photographed by the iconic Helmut Newton, these bold and striking YSL designs are incredibly ’80s. Enjoy!

Vintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent - Rive Gauche | FinnfemmeVintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent - Rive Gauche | FinnfemmeVintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent - Rive Gauche | FinnfemmeVintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent - Rive Gauche | FinnfemmeVintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche | Finnfemmevintage 80s Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche Fashions | Finnfemme~Marilyn

Christie Brinkley for Prell Shampoo, 1985

Christie Brinkley for Prell Shampoo, 1985 | Finnfemme BlogChristie Brinkley for Prell Shampoo, 1985 | Finnfemme BlogThis 1985  Prell shampoo ad featuring one of my favorite models, Christie Brinkley, is pretty awesome. First of all, THAT 80s HAIR! Thick, full and natural-colored; she was in possession of quite the mane. In the ad, Christie gives the credit for her bouncy tresses to Prell Shampoo and Prell Conditioner: Because Prell shampoos body in, instead of out. It works with your hair to bring out fullness and make the most of what you have.

I can’t use Prell shampoo anymore because I color my hair. I have to use all manner of “color preserving” shampoos and conditioners now. But back in the day when I did use Prell, it was pretty amazing stuff – my hair was super clean and full of body. So I agree with Christie, vintage 1980s speaking!



The Rockettes and L’eggs Colors Pantyhose, 1985

The Rockettes and L'eggs Colors Pantyhose, 1985 | Musings from Marilyn-FinnfemmeWearing pantyhose – or any type of leg covering – was practically a requirement in the 1980s. No woman went bare-legged ever (well maybe in the heat of summer, but it was questionable). I just remember buying masses of pantyhose to wear to work in my 1980s banking days. The most popular nylons of the day had to be L’eggs. Packaged in cute plastic egg containers and sold at drug and grocery stores, it was an economical and durable brand to wear.

This great ad, from the September 1985 issue of Vogue magazine, is for L’eggs Colors Pantyhose.  The brightly colored hosiery is featured on an illustration of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. The showstopping colors came in all the L’eggs styles – Regular, Sheer Elegance, Sheer Energy and Control Top. Nothing beats a colorful pair of L’eggs!


Marimekko and Me

Finnfemme in Marimekko for Target





Being half-Finnish, I am a huge, HUGE Marimekko fan. Of course, Marimekko is the iconic Finnish fashion and lifestyle house noted for their bright colors and bold designs. I love all of their stuff but, being made in Finland, it is usually way too expensive for my frugal budget.

Enter the Marimekko for Target line! At first I was rather aghast at my beloved Marimekko doing a stint for Target, thinking it might somehow sully the brand. And it seemed as though it was all bathing suits and beachwear (shudder). The line quickly sold out online, but luckily I was able to score this groovy caftan in person. It was the only one left, and in a size Small/Medium. Surprisingly it fit, considering I’m more of a size Large/XL.

This long caftan is in the Kukkatori – “flower market” in Finnish – art print. The fabric is 100% rayon and it drapes beautifully. Yes it’s made in China (don’t look too closely at the stitching), but overall it’s very well designed and I love the bold print.

I have to say kiitos (thank you) to Target for this fab collaboration with Marimekko! It’s not the Finnish design house stuff, but it’s a good way to get fun and affordable products out for the masses to wear and enjoy.