Electrics Sunglasses by Foster Grant, 1975

Electrics Sunglasses by Foster Grant – Mademoiselle Aptil 1975 ~ Finnfemme

Electrics sunglasses by Foster Grant were advertised as having gradient lenses and high-voltage frames for a look that throws off sparks. They came in silver, black and brown metal frames with matching tinted and gradient lenses to give you a full range of electric possibilities at slight different voltages. Switched -on sunglasses that plug right into your own “personal” electricity. 🙂


Green Apple, the Juicy Fragrance by Max Factor, 1975

Green Apple by Max Factor – Mademoiselle April 1975 ~ Finnfemme

Along with lemon scent, other fruit colognes and perfumes were very popular in the 1970s. Green Apple by Max Factor was the “juicy” fragrance that came in a cute apple-shaped bottle, and was wrapped in tissue and a box like a real apple. Of course it had the advertising claim that it could lure men: “Wear Green Apple. He’ll Bite.”


Vintage Sunkist Lemon Beauty Bath, 1975

Sunkist Lemon Beauty Bath ad – Mademoiselle April 1975 ~ Finnfemme

“Natural” beauty products were ubiquitous in the 1970s, with all sorts of DIY concoctions using food products. Lemons were particularly popular, and Sunkist had a big ad campaign touting the uses of lemons in your beauty routine. This 1975 ad shows how you could use freshly cut real lemons in your beauty bath to make it fragrant, and and keep soap film from clinging to your skin. Nothing like sitting in a tub full of lemonade! 🙂


Vintage Bancroft Tretorn Tennis Shoes, 1975 Ad

Bancroft Tretorn Tennis Shoes Ad – Mademoiselle April 1975 ~ Finnfemme

Some shoe designs are classic and stand the test of time. This vintage ad for Bancroft Tretorn tennis shoes shows just how much this style was as popular then as it is now. The only difference being is that in the 1970s, this style of tennis shoe was pretty much dedicated to, well, playing tennis!

45 years later, you will see this same style of shoe, only they are high-priced, logoed luxury designer goods meant for everyday street wear. I’m sure most pairs nowadays never set foot on a tennis court. 🙂


Catherine Deneuve for Chanel No. 5 Perfume and Bath, 1976

Catherine Deneuve for Chanel No. 5 – Glamour June 1976 ~ Finnfemme

This is a different Chanel ad that I’ve not run into before! Starring the beautiful French actress and Chanel muse, Catherine Deneuve. This ad is particularly lovely and elegant. The tag line is “It’s one of the pleasures of being a woman.” It features Chanel No. 5 perfume and eau de cologne, and adds the Chanel No. 5 bathing line of Milk Bath, Oil for the Bath, Bath Powder, and Body Lotion. Always classic!


Vintage Danskin Bold Athletic Bodysuits, 1975

Danskin Bodysuit ad, Mademoiselle October 1975 ~ Finnfemme

Danskin was the go-to brand for dance wear in the 1960s and 70s. All manner of ballet leotards and tights were to be had. They broke out to sportswear with their “Danskins Are Not Just For Dancing” ad campaign. Their very bold and colorful bodysuits were meant for downhill racers, cross-country trekkers, hikers, skiers, cyclists, and everyone who’s absolutely addicted to outdoor sports. While this type of sporty shapewear is very common today, it wasn’t back in the 60s/70s. I remember wearing lumpy thermal long-johns under my ski pants – this would have been a godsend! 🙂