Hot Sox + Hot Nitz + Frye Boots, 1975

The Original Hot Sox ad – Mademoiselle August 1975 – FINNFEMME

Frye boots were all the rage in 1975. What was even better was the array of socks, leg warmers, hats, gloves and scarves by Hot Sox and Hot Nitz to brighten up the boots. I loved this funky and colorful 70s vibe to all the accessories!

~Marilyn 😀

Maybelline Fresh & Lovely Lip Colors, 1974

Maybelline Fresh and Lovely Lip Colors – Mademoiselle November 1974 – FINNFEMME

Very pretty pink lip colors from Maybelline! I love this vintage ad so much as it is so fresh and springlike. The model is a natural beauty dressed in PINK (my favorite color), and says “I want my lips to be delicious. To feel dewy, not dry. To gleam with clear, constant color. And I want them to say nice fresh things about me. And to keep on saying them for hours.”


Legend Liza Minnelli in Blackglama, 1974

Liza Minnelli for Blackglama Mink – Mademoiselle November 1974 – FINNFEMME

Here is Liza Minnelli in all her glory in the “What becomes a Legend most?” ad for Blackglama. I think it captures her fabulous insouciance perfectly!

Blackglama advertised itself as the world’s finest natural dark ranch mink bred only in America by the Great Lakes Mink Men.


Sweet Things Chanel No.22 Perfume, 1974

Chanel No. 22 Perfume ad – Mademoiselle November 1974 – FINNFEMME

“When I wear Chanel No. 22, I remember all the sweet things in my life.” Launched in 1922, Chanel No. 22’s composition is based on white flowers (lily, tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, neroli and orange blossom).

This a very pretty ad, with the model dressed in a white hat and maxi dress. I like the display of all the No. 22 products: Perfume in the classic bottle, Spray Perfume, Eau de Cologne, Spray Cologne and Bath Powder.

With Chanel No. 22’s 100-year anniversary next year in 2022, I propose that we make it the fragrance of the year in 2022! I think we could all use a little more sweetness in our lives. 🙂


Vintage 1974 Monet Charm Bracelet + White Angora

Monet Jewelry Charm Bracelet ad – Mademoiselle November 1974 – FINNFEMME

Charm bracelets have always been cherished, and this is a particularly cute one by Monet. The charms and bracelet are in gold, and has a holiday/Christmas theme. The model is dressed in a fluffy white angora sweater and hat, which adds to the charm.


Max Factor Kohl and Terra Colours For Eyes and Cheeks, 1974

Max Factor Kohl/Terra Colours ad – Mademoiselle November 1974 – FINNFEMME

If there is one makeup item that epitomizes 1974 to me, it has to be the Kohl/Terra Colours line of Max Factor. I think everyone had those little pots of intense powder to line your eyes and color your lids and cheeks. I remember using this and the powder spilling EVERYWHERE. It was a mess, but the effect was rather stunning. I don’t remember using this much past 1974/75. But it was an interesting new makeup item to experiment with for awhile.