Max Factor Kohl and Terra Colours For Eyes and Cheeks, 1974

Max Factor Kohl/Terra Colours ad – Mademoiselle November 1974 – FINNFEMME

If there is one makeup item that epitomizes 1974 to me, it has to be the Kohl/Terra Colours line of Max Factor. I think everyone had those little pots of intense powder to line your eyes and color your lids and cheeks. I remember using this and the powder spilling EVERYWHERE. It was a mess, but the effect was rather stunning. I don’t remember using this much past 1974/75. But it was an interesting new makeup item to experiment with for awhile.


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  1. Susan

    I loved that Kohl…until I dropped it in the school bathroom in high school. The container shattered, of course. Made an awful mess!

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