Coty Your Face Makeup, 1973

Coty ‘Your Face’ Makeup, 1973 – Mademoiselle October 1973 – FINNFEMME

The adorable model Bonnie Lysohir is in this ad for Your Face makeup by Coty. This collection came in cute little tubes and containers. The best one was the Your Face foundation tube that had its own concealer in the cap. It was genius, and I remember using it to cover my interminable pimples. Ah, good times being a teenager! 😀


Cover Girl SuperSheer Makeup, 1973

Cover Girl SuperSheer Makeup – Mademoiselle October 1973 – FINNFEMME

Makeup trends were starting to be towards a more natural look in the 1970s. This Cover Girl ad was for SuperSheer foundation, which was formulated to ‘look and feel like no make-up at all’. The model looks so fresh and pretty. More of an earthy, boho vibe than the dramatic heavy makeup of the previous decade.


Bonne Bell Cosmetics Production in Cleveland, 1973

Bonne Bell ad – Mademoiselle October 1973 – FINNFEMME

This is a pretty interesting ad, showing Bonne Bell’s production facilities in Lakewood, Ohio. The plant was called “Georgetown Row” for its charming authentic Georgetown exterior. Behind the exterior were the production and office facilities. Of course, Bonne Bell was most famous for Ten-O-Six lotion (I can still smell it), and Lip Smackers (I can still smell those too). Any teenage girl in the 60s and 70s will know what I am talking about! 🙂


Gleaming Moon Drops Lipstick by Revlon, 1973

Moon Drops Lipstick by Revlon – Mademoiselle October 1973 – FINNFEMME

The most striking thing to me about this Revlon ad is the model in a slammin’ blue fully-sequined jumpsuit. But, I digress. The whole point is to showcase the wet – gleamy – shiny – sexy – ‘juiced with color’ – smooth – ‘spilling with shine’ – glide-y – moist – yummy – young – never gooey Moon Drops Moisture-Creme Lipstick and Luminesque Lipfrosts. They do go a little overboard on the adjectives, but the lipstick does look nice.


Katharine Ross for Helena Rubinstein Fresh Cover Makeup, 1973

Katharine Ross for Helena Rubinstein makeup – Mademoiselle October 1973 – FINNFEMME

The gorgeous actress Katharine Ross was an It girl in the late 60s, early 70s with the success of her movies, The Graduate, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. She also did some modeling, most notably with Helena Rubinstein makeup. This ad is for Fresh Cover makeup, with which your skin was supposed to be able to breathe while being long-lasting.


Offspring Knits Designed by Trisha Sayad, 1975

Offspring Autumn ’75 Designed by Trisha Sayad – Mademoiselle August 1975 – FINNFEMME

This is a really cool ad for Offspring designed by Trisha Sayad. I’m not really familiar with Trisha, but upon a bit of research it looks like she designed a lot of bold graphic sweaters and knitwear in the 1970s. This ad features model Sunny Redmond – who I can recognize even with clown makeup on – in a whimsical pose in a whimsical sweater. This is what I miss about 70s fashion: fun, whimsy, lightheartedness, creativity and a strong boho vibe.

~Marilyn 🙂