Catherine Deneuve for Chanel No. 5 Perfume and Bath, 1976

Catherine Deneuve for Chanel No. 5 – Glamour June 1976 ~ Finnfemme

This is a different Chanel ad that I’ve not run into before! Starring the beautiful French actress and Chanel muse, Catherine Deneuve. This ad is particularly lovely and elegant. The tag line is “It’s one of the pleasures of being a woman.” It features Chanel No. 5 perfume and eau de cologne, and adds the Chanel No. 5 bathing line of Milk Bath, Oil for the Bath, Bath Powder, and Body Lotion. Always classic!


Vintage Danskin Bold Athletic Bodysuits, 1975

Danskin Bodysuit ad, Mademoiselle October 1975 ~ Finnfemme

Danskin was the go-to brand for dance wear in the 1960s and 70s. All manner of ballet leotards and tights were to be had. They broke out to sportswear with their “Danskins Are Not Just For Dancing” ad campaign. Their very bold and colorful bodysuits were meant for downhill racers, cross-country trekkers, hikers, skiers, cyclists, and everyone who’s absolutely addicted to outdoor sports. While this type of sporty shapewear is very common today, it wasn’t back in the 60s/70s. I remember wearing lumpy thermal long-johns under my ski pants – this would have been a godsend! 🙂


Patti Hansen Modeling Laura Ashley Design for McCall’s Patterns, 1975

Patti Hansen in Laura Ashley McCall’s Pattern 4749 – Mademoiselle October 1975 ~ Finnfemme

McCall’s sewing patterns had a line of Laura Ashley designs in the 1970s and 80s. I was a little surprised to see this 1975 ad because I remember Laura Ashley being very popular in the early 1980s. I guess McCall’s was ahead of the fashion trend.

This is a very folksy design, with a long pinafore apron over a calico maxi dress. Almost a Gunne Sax vibe. You could make it in Laura Ashley fabric from Cohama.

There is little doubt in my mind that the model is the lovely Patti Hansen. Patti was always a favorite model of mine back in the day. I could relate to her red hair, freckles, height, and being from a Nordic family of six kids! The difference being is that I didn’t marry a member of the Rolling Stones. 😀


Boho 70s Mademoiselle Scarf Dressing

Scarf Dressing, Mademoiselle October 1975 – Finnfemme

This is a very beautiful boho fashion editorial on scarf dressing from the October 1975 issue of Mademoiselle magazine. Scarf dressing can mean dressing in scarves or dressing of scarves. The idea was to take colorful, folk art scarves and dress them up in gypsy style. You could twist, tie, drape or wear the scarves. You could even make a sheik’s kaffiyeh of challis scarves.

The interesting thing is that I have bagfuls of these vintage scarves. One idea for 2020 is to make scarves into face masks. Very current and de rigueur, don’t you think? 🙂


Gray in the Time of Quarantine

Okay peeps, this time I think I am really doing it. Going gray, that is. I have tried a couple times before, but eventually was drawn back into the allure of sparkling bright colored hair. This time I think it’s for keeps though.

I last colored my hair in November of 2019. I used L’Oreal Preference in Lightest Icy Blonde, which turned my hair into a lovely light golden blonde shade. As my roots grew in, I was noticing that they ranged from silver to light gold, to ash blonde to dark pewter. My natural roots seemed to blend in well with the colored part, so I just kept putting off my every-three-month hair color routine because I was curious to see how this would play out. Then, in March, the stay-at-home orders hit.

Coloring my hair was the last thing on my mind, but in a fit of pique I chopped off 4″ of hair into a blunt bob ‘do (yes, I cut my own hair). And I just continued to watch my natural roots grow in. I grew more accepting of what Mother Nature’s intended-color for me at this time of my life was meant to be.

I have about 4″ of natural color grown in, and I’m getting more used to it. It’s at that awkward stage of having the bottom half of my hair still in the L’Oreal shade, but I think it looks okay. I’ve noticed that my scalp seems in better condition, and is oilier for some reason. Hair color seemed to dry my scalp (and hair) out.

In any event, I have to admit that it’s a big relief not to have to go through the hassle and mess of at-home hair coloring anymore!

~Marilyn 🙂

Vintage 1930s Yardley English Lavender Fragrance

Yardley Lavender ad ~ Weldon’s Ladies’ Journal, May 1937 ~ Finnfemme

Yardley Lavender has been around for seemingly forever – since 1770 to be exact – and this is a great ad from 1937. From tea on the Terrace at Westminster when Parliament is in session, the lovable fragrance was the brilliant interpreter of the gay social mood at all daytime and informal evening occasions.

The same exquisite fragrance is present in Yardley Lavender Soap, “The Luxury Soap of the World”. Yardley also made Lavender Face Powder, and Complexion Cream.

Yardley English Lavender eau de toilette is still available today: