Kraft Food’s Psychedelic 1969 Bake Sale Recipes

Kraft Psychedelic Bake Sale Recipes, Co-ed magazine, January 1969 ~Finnfemme

This is a delightful collection of “psychedelic” bake sale recipes from Kraft Foods! I love the groovy decorations and colors. You could make Guru Goodies, Kookie Pops, Pow Wow Cake and Tiffany Cheese Cake.

Far out, man!

Marilyn 🙂

Using Sun-In for Sun-Lightened Hair, 1971

Sun-In ad, Glamour Magazine June 1971 ~ Finnfemme

Ah, the 1970s; when we could lay in the sun basted in baby oil, and not have a care in the world. The sun wasn’t something to be fearful of back then, SPF? WHAT on earth was that? The goal was to get your tan as dark as you could, even if it involved a bad sunburn along the way.

Of course, you had to have your hair as light as you possibly could to complete that beachy look. The OG sun lightener was Sun-In, made by Toni & Sun. All you had to do was spray on Sun-In under the sun, and see what happens. They had two formulas, Regular: for light brown as well as blonde, and Super: for darker brown or hard-to-lighten hair. The end game of all this spraying and sunning was to have all the boys flock to you in the summertime, naturally!

~Marilyn 🙂

Rit DIY Tie-Dye Tights, 1970

Tie-Dyeing has been popular with the trendy DIY crowd since the late 1960s. This groovy ad from the September 1970 issue of Co-ed magazine shows how you can take plain white tights and tie-dye ’em with Rit Dye.

Who loves the reptile revolution? Who digs the tie-dye explosion? You!


Yardley of London’s Slicker Lip Polish, 1971

Yardley of London introduced its wildly popular Pot o’ Gloss in 1970, but this great ad from the May, 1971 issue of ‘Teen magazine shows that Slicker Lip Polish was still making an impact. Yardley was getting into a more natural look in their advertising, using what looked like more ‘everyday’ models. Gone were their supermodels of the 1960s; Jean Shrimpton, Olivia Hussey, and Patsy Sullivan. The 1970s were here, and they were adapting to a more Boho, folk, hippie style.


Lee Authentic Bib Overalls for Girls, 1971

I love this straightforward 1971 ‘Teen magazine ad for Lee Authentic bib overalls for “girls”. They were authentic – made exactly as the famous LEE work overalls in every detail – now in fashion fabrics, colors and patterns – a figure flattering fit with flared bottoms. This was a new thing; making jeans and overalls fitted to the female form. I love the red stripes and cute style!


Clairol’s Born Blonde Hair Lightener, 1970

This ad from the February 1970 issue of Co-ed magazine for Clairol’s Born Blonde lightener is so fabulous. The very modern model with her long crimped hair made an impression on me when I first saw the ad (in 1970), and made the same impression on me when I found the ad 50 years later! 50 years? How can that possibly be?

To get the model’s angelic look, you first had to color your hair using the two-step lightening process of Born Blonde. Second, style. To get the look in the photograph, you make lots of tight little braids just where you want the curl to be. Then, when your hair is dry, comb them out. Gently. And there you are – angel-haired.