Fluffy Fuzzy Vintage 70s Holiday Sweaters

Sears Holiday Sweaters and Pants – Mademoiselle December 1973 ~ FINNFEMME

Fuzzy pastel sweaters and wide-leg plaid polyester pants were all the rage in 1973. Posing with cute white fluffy kittens was a plus too!


Men’s and Women’s Vintage Mod 60s Ski Sweater to Knit

Knitting Pattern for Men’s and Women’s Vintage Ski Sweater – FINNFEMME

Perfect for a winter project, here is a fun vintage 1960s knitting pattern for a mod 60s Nordic ski sweater. Instructions for both the women’s and men’s sweaters. Enjoy!


Christmas Coifs From Seventeen Magazine, December 1968

Christmas Hairstyles – Seventeen December 1968 – Finnfemme
Christmas Coifs – Seventeen December 1968 – Finnfemme

Late 1960s holiday hairstyles were rather romantic and ornate. These Christmas Coifs featured in the December 1968 issue of Seventeen magazine featured the then-popular use of wigs, snoods, hairpieces, and pin-on tendrils, love-locks and ringlets. A fun way to make your repertoire merrier!


Christmas 1968 QualiCraft Shoes

QualiCraft Christmas Gift Shoes – Seventeen December 1968 – FINNFEMME

This ad from the December 1968 issue of Seventeen magazine takes me right back to that era! QualiCraft shoe store was “The” place to buy shoes for us groovy 60s and 70s teens. They always had the latest styles and were moderately priced. Of course they were pretty much always located in a mall (I know mine was – Northgate Mall in Seattle).

This was back when they had actual shoe salespeople measuring your feet. and going to some mysterious back room to find your specific size. There was always much hope and anticipation that they would find your size in the desired style. Much deflation when they didn’t, and brought out an “alternate” style. NOPE. I was usually very specific about what I wanted – still am – and didn’t take warmly to their “suggestions”. 🙂

I love these festive Christmas shoe styles!! Good memories of 1960s Christmases, when they were still quite magical.


Quick and Easy Vintage 60s Chunky Sweater to Knit

Quick and Easy Chunky Sweater Pattern to Knit – Finnfemme

Perfect for winter, this is a beautiful vintage 60s chunky sweater pattern to knit. Made very quickly — 2 stitches to an inch, it should be a fun and easy knitting project!


Vintage 60s Crocheted Fringed Granny Square Sweater Pattern

Crocheted Fringed Block Pullover Pattern – Finnfemme

This is a quick and easy crocheted Granny Square sweater pattern from the 1960s. I love the fringed detail and mod design. The perfect project for these cool autumnal days!

Happy Crocheting! ~Marilyn