Finnfemme Favorites: MARIMEKKO Holiday 2018

Being of Finnish heritage I have an innate appreciation for Finnish design, especially Marimekko. I just love their gorgeous bold prints and simple styles. Marimekko’s holiday designs are particularly spectacular, so I put together a Wish List of my favorites. I would love to make an entrance at a holiday party or gathering in any of these fabulous outfits!

Valoa Coat Dress – Click to view at Marimekko


Tarika Kissapollo Dress – Click to view at Marimekko


Keltto Unikko Sweatshirt Dress – Click to view at Marimekko


Logo Mari Shirt – Click to view at Marimekko


Happy Holidays!


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Vintage 1973 DIOR Twilight Bright Nail Gloss

This fabulous 1973 Christian Dior nail polish ad is very forward-thinking; it feels modern and on-trend. Even the use of one word with a period – Twilights. Dior. – is very current.

Shimmering. Shiny. Gleaming nails and lips. Now in soft, clear, twinkling colors of gloss. There were four new Dior Twilight Bright Nail Gloss and Lip Gloss shades for Spring: Polaris Pink, Evening Green, Setting Sun, and Twilight Violet.


Crochet Vintage 70s Matching Granny Square Boleros For Big and Little Girls

This is a really cute crochet pattern from 1973. Whip up a batch of bright little granny squares using three pretty colors in two combinations. Note the nice shaping achieved by the use of triangles. Mother’s Bolero and Child’s Bolero are each in small, medium, and large sizes. Instructions are below. Click on photos to enlarge.


Vintage 1973 Yardley of London Delicate Dazzlers Pot o’ Shadow

Since 1970, Yardley of London had a huge hit on its hands with their glorious Pot o’ Gloss. In 1973 they came out with Pot o’ Shadow, which came in the same type of cute pot that Pot o’ Gloss did.  It was marketed as soft, whipped eye shines that shimmer and play the light around your eyes. They finger-tipped on easily, and stayed on evenly.

Of course it mainly came in blue shades (Forever Aqua, Forever Blue, Forever Lilac, Forever Baby Blue), which were THE eye shadow shades of the early 1970s. They also included the boring Forever Brown and Forever White, for those of us with brown eyes who didn’t look good in blues. 😛


Crochet a Cute Vintage 70s Toddler Poncho

I love the expression on this adorable little girl! This is a great vintage 1973 crochet pattern for a Toddler Poncho. Ever see a granny square with a hole in the middle? Now you have! Perhaps not a true granny, but a very nice new variation on the theme of double crochet shells. In knitting worsted. Instructions on how to make are below. Click on photos to enlarge.



Crochet a Vintage 70s Granny Square Mosaic Skirt

Granny Square Mosaic Skirt, 1973.

Presenting a fab vintage 1973 granny square crocheted Mosaic skirt pattern! Duplicate the vivid stained glass colors of these dramatic squares or ad lib your own. That’s part of the fun of grannies! These are especially quick work because they’re made with size G hook and Bernat Sesame yarn. And it planned for one size to fit almost anyone. Instructions are below. Please click on photos to enlarge.