Maybelline Waterborne Eye Shadow~Vintage 1971

Maybelline Waterborne Eye Shadow-Vintage 1971 | FinnfemmeMaybelline makeup was a mainstay in the 1970s. Not as hip and groovy as Yardley of London or Love Cosmetics, but it did its own thing. Blue and pastel eye shadows were huge at the time, not that anyone looked good in them!

This circa 1971 ad is for Maybelline Waterborne Eye Shadow. It came in colors born of the sea, watercolor soft, shimmering shades in three different pale and pearly collections. The model is wearing a trio of blue, white and green eye shadows, which in real-life would have looked rather horrifying I suspect.

You were to dip the sable-soft brush in water and stroke cool, sea-fresh colors onto your lids. Or mix one shade with another. On closer review, this is suspiciously similar to Yardley’s Glimmerick Paint Box or Sigh Shadow collection. I don’t know which company knocked each other off – but needless to say, blue eye shadow was hot commodity in the early ’70s.


Fab Vintage 1971 Betsey Johnson~Alley Cat Designs

Betsey Johnson was the up-and-coming young fashion designer in the 1970s. Her fashions were kicky, fun, and married the Mod to the Bohemian. These two designs are from the October 1971 issue of Ingenue magazine.

Betsey Johnson~Alley Cat Fashions Vintage 1971 | FinnfemmePretty feathers for a romantic moment – Betsey Johnson designed this old-fashioned twosome of crushed velvet. Laced-up top with Victorian Fitted bodice and slight gathering at the shoulders, $28. Flared midi-skirt, fitted at the waist, $38 (note: 1971 prices). Both from Alley Cat. Pin (on velvet choker) by House of Schrager. Provocative II pantyhose by Vanity Fair. Ruza bangle. Bandolino ankle-strap shoes.

Betsey Johnson-Alley Cat Fashions Vintage 1971 | FinnfemmeThe blues, purples, yellow of Betsey Johnson’s “Grand Canyon” knit. Long-sleeved, crew-neckline sweater, ultra-clingy, $24. Matching hot pants ribbed at waist and cuffs, $16 (1971 prices). Both by Alley Cat. Vanity Fair pantyhose. Adler knee sox. Old Main Trotter suede tie shoes.



Vintage 1971 Swank ‘Signs & Symbols’ Jewelry

Swank Signs & Symbols Jewelry - vintage 1971 70s | FinnfemmeThis 1971 advertisement for Swank jewelry is straight out the the Age of Aquarius! Featuring ’70s-hipster models, the necklaces were in in the shapes of New Age signs and symbols. They included Revolving Universe, Marina d’Italia, Root of Life, Grecian Sun Wheel, Fertility Symbol, Oriental Luck Charm, Ancient Ankh, Neptune’s Trident, Ancient Scarab, and Genuine Jade Buddha. You could share a sign language all your own when you’re both wearing an eye-catching golden neck chain.

I really like them; they are actually quite striking! I would love to have the Ancient Scarab one because I have a thing for scarabs. But all of them are pretty cool.



1971 Yardley of London Slicker Lip Licks

Yardley Slicker Lip Polish Lip Licks - 1971 | Finnfemme“Kiss him in his favorite flavor.”

This is a really hip and groovy 1971 Yardley of London ad for Slicker Lip Polish. More specifically – Lip Licks: Give him a lick. A sip of your lips. Be free with your flavors.

Lip Licks came in all sorts of fruity flavors; Raspberry, Orange, Strawberry, Peach, Mint and Lemonade. Designed mainly for your boyfriend to ‘eat them up’.

The ad shows six different couples kissing each other. Of course, most of them are beachy California blondes. But there is an African-American couple in the upper left hand corner – most likely a first in Yardley’s advertising.


There Was Actually Yardley Pot o’ Gloss Nail Polish?

Yardley Pot o' Gloss Nail Polish, 1972 | FinnfemmeOnce again, I went through my personal stash of vintage magazines from the late ’60s/early ’70s looking for any Yardley of London ads that I may have overlooked. Voila! I found one featuring a rather fresh and romantic-looking couple.

From the the October 1972 issue of Ingenue magazine, this ad is for Yardley’s Pot o’ Gloss Nail Polish. Wait, what? NAIL POLISH?! Either I’d forgotten about it, or had overlooked it in the first place. I just don’t remember it. Being such an obsessive Pot o’ Gloss lip gloss fan at the time, maybe my obsession didn’t run to my fingernails?

Anyway, this nail polish sounds rather delightful: “Shiny, glossy nails with a touch of scent…they could bring back the kiss on the hand.”  It promised that everything Pot o’ Gloss gave to your lips, you could have for your nails too. The shine, the gloss, the nice light scent were all there in the sweet little baby pots. The scent of Pot o’ Gloss is the kicker – it is one of my most favorite scents ever!



Groovy Vintage 1972 Marimekko for Fieldcrest Towels

Marimekko for Fieldcrest Towels vintage 1972 | Finnfemme BlogMarimekko for Fieldcrest towels vintage 1972 | Finnfemme BlogI found these fab vintage Marimekko towels at a thrift store today. I had seen them there before and though that they were cool, but today I actually looked at the label – Marimekko for Fieldcrest, 1972 – SCORE. Of course, being the huge Marimekko fan that I am, I snapped them up with delight!

Doing a bit of research I found that Marimekko entered into licensing agreements with several manufacturers in 1972, Fieldcrest being one of them. So the recent 2016 Marimekko collaboration with Target is not a new thing.

I just love the bold yellow and orange wavy graphics, and the towels are amazingly plush and soft. I am looking forward to using them this autumn – they have the perfect Halloween colors!