Herbie and the Red Heart Yarn Sweater, 1974

This is a great ad from the October 1974 issue of Mademoiselle magazine, of all places! Starring Herbie, a boy’s boy who climbs trees, skateboards, jumps puddles, and plays baseball, basketball, street hockey and football. All while wearing a sweater that his mother knit for him using Coats & Clark’s Red Heart Wintuk yarn.

The yarn is so springy and resilient that it holds up to daily washing and drying, and comes out beautifully every time. I love the fact that Herbie looks so stylin’ while wearing one of mom’s creations. Go Herbie!


Crochet a Cute Vintage 60s Granny Square Shell Sweater

Since most of us are hunkered down during this Covid-19 pandemic, I am trying to keep things positive as much as possible on my vintage blog!

This is a really sweet vintage 1965 crochet pattern for a Granny Square shell sweater. Granny Square styling has made a great comeback in the designer fashion scene the last couple of years. This would be a great project to work on while you’re at home, and you could wear it when we all finally emerge from our cocoons in the spring. Instructions are below:

Stay healthy, and happy crocheting!


Pretty in Pink and Pearls 1974 Chanel No.19 Perfume

There is a lot of social distancing, worry and fear these days in response to COVID-19 (especially here in the Seattle area). I’m pretty much a homebody, so it’s really no big deal for me to stay home most of the time. I do venture out for grocery shopping and thrifting, but wear disposable vinyl gloves when I do. And do lots of hand-washing.

Anyway… I was looking for an uplifting vintage ad to post, and I thought this Chanel No. 19 Perfume ad from 1974 was perfect! “It’s another feeling. It’s another Chanel.”

The very pretty model (not sure who she is, but looks familiar) is wearing a sheer, flowing pink dress and a long strand of pearls. Her hair is flying and she has a lovely smile. The ad just makes me smile and gives me a little bit of hope that brighter spring days are ahead. Plus, CHANEL. ♥

Stay Healthy! 🙂


Knit a Vintage Mod 60s “Pop” Pullover Sweater (Pattern)

I love this image of a leggy, mod model (circa 1965) posing in a tree modeling a “Pop” sweater to knit. She is the epitome of mid-sixties mod style! I think she looks very on-trend for today, with her black leggings, ankle booties, and long sweater. The heavy eye makeup, nude lip, and bangs and flip hairstyle are cool too.

The pullover knitting pattern has instructions for both women’s and men’s sweaters (unisex)! Instructions are below:

Happy Mod Knitting! ~Marilyn

Catherine Deneuve for Chanel No. 5 Perfume, 1976

I love this vintage 1976 ad for Chanel No. 5 perfume featuring French actress and model, Catherine Deneuve. Catherine is just glorious, with her perfectly symmetrical features and luminous skin and hair.

She was the perfect Chanel muse in the 1970s – that perilous time for Chanel when it was considered a “near-death” brand – after the death of Coco Chanel in 1971, and before designer Karl Lagerfeld brought life back into the company in 1983. She brought great attention to Chanel perfumes, at least, and kept Chanel in the public eye. It was a beautiful ad campaign!


Vintage 50s Fisherman Knit Turtleneck Sweater Pattern

The Fisherman Knit sweater comes in and out of fashion, but will always remain a classic!

This is a gorgeous knitting pattern from 1958. It features beautiful cable knit details and a turtleneck neckline. Pattern and size chart are below:

Happy Knitting! 😀 ~Marilyn