1972 Catherine Deneuve for Chanel No. 5 Perfume and Cologne

Just another beautiful vintage Chanel ad from 1972, starring the French actress and model Catherine Deneuve. I love its simplicity, showcasing the lovely design of the bottles of Chanel No. 5 perfume and eau de cologne. The perfume was priced from $8.50, and the Eau de Cologne from $4.00.


Vintage 70s Gold Formula Breck Shampoo

Breck shampoo was still really popular in the 1970s, but they did seem to capture the zeitgeist of the times with their ‘natural’ focus. Gold Formula Breck supposedly had far less detergent, and far more ‘natural’ ingredients. It was intended to get out the dirt, but leave the ‘natural’ shine.

I used Breck shampoo religiously in the 60s and 70s. I always used the ‘O’ version (for oily hair), and washed it every day. My hair always did look great!


The 1928 Jewelry Company in 1974

The 1928 Jewelry Co. was founded by Melvyn Bernie in 1968, and is now one of the largest and last-standing jewelry manufacturers in the U.S. They specialize in making antique reproductions, handmade in the European tradition.

I really love this black and white ad from 1974. It evokes a Victorian/Edwardian vibe, along with 1970s Boho style. I remember buying several 1928 pieces in the 70s and 80s, and loved wearing them. It’s nice to know this beautiful jewelry is still being made today!


Breck Creme Rinse for Beautiful Hair, 1974

I must admit that even though I used Breck shampoo religiously in the 60s and 70s, I never really understood what creme rinse was. They heavily advertised its virtues; eliminating snarls, giving spectacular shine and blissful body. And this 1974 ad is really pretty, with a golden-haired model catching the eyes of two men. Her hair does look amazingly lustrous!

I guess I was too busy washing my long, thick, oily hair every day, to worry about creme rinse. I remember trying it a couple of times (probably borrowing my mom’s), and ending up with a filmy coating on my hair. Definitely not what I wanted with my oily hair, so I stayed away from it. I don’t know if creme rinse is still around; it probably has been replaced by the plethora of conditioning products out there now. I don’t use those either!


Vintage 70s Frye Boots For Ms. and Mr.

Frye Boots really became super popular in 1974, like this ad depicts. The chunky Campus Boot was especially ubiquitous and trendy. Everyone was clomping around in them; and Frye promoted its unisex styling in the newly-coined title “Ms.”, and Mr.

Frye Boots remain popular today, as all good American classics do!


That Hippie Boho Natural 70s CornSilk Makeup

This vintage 1974 ad for CornSilk Cosmetics makeup seems very current to me. CornSilk foundation and powder was meant to give your skin a silky, natural glow while absorbing oil. It appealed to the more hippie/boho/folksy 70s gals, of which I was one. I had VERY oily, acne-prone skin then, and was always looking for a product that would try to stem the flood of oil!

I love this painting of a pretty, long-haired girl playing the mandolin. With her embroidered jeans, thrift store-procured antique belt buckle, cropped top and flower choker, she could fit right in today. I was a big purveyor of this style then, and to a certain extent, still am today.

CornSilk has been discontinued, as have a lot of 60s and 70s cosmetics, but I think we will see a trend back to more ‘natural’ cosmetics and looks. As with vintage fashion, what goes around comes around!

Peace out! 🙂 Marilyn