Mary Quant’s Jeepers Peepers Colour Makeup, 1973

Mary Quant Jeepers Peepers – Glamour May 1973 ~ Finnfemme

This is a rather subdued ad for Mary Quant’s supposed “contribution to a more colourful world”. I almost overlooked it when doing a perusal of my vintage magazines. I am confused because the company is Clark Jr, which I could find no information on – possibly associated with designer Ossie Clark? It doesn’t show Mary Quant’s packaging very well either; perhaps because it is bland and unexciting. The layout of the ad is strange, but apparently there were six new kits with three new colours. The new Jeepers Peepers colours: Red, White and Blue, Go Green, Tiddlypinks, Sugared Almonds, Boy Blue and Peanuts. Designed so you can use them together to tremendous effect, or solo and cool.


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