Gray in the Time of Quarantine

Okay peeps, this time I think I am really doing it. Going gray, that is. I have tried a couple times before, but eventually was drawn back into the allure of sparkling bright colored hair. This time I think it’s for keeps though.

I last colored my hair in November of 2019. I used L’Oreal Preference in Lightest Icy Blonde, which turned my hair into a lovely light golden blonde shade. As my roots grew in, I was noticing that they ranged from silver to light gold, to ash blonde to dark pewter. My natural roots seemed to blend in well with the colored part, so I just kept putting off my every-three-month hair color routine because I was curious to see how this would play out. Then, in March, the stay-at-home orders hit.

Coloring my hair was the last thing on my mind, but in a fit of pique I chopped off 4″ of hair into a blunt bob ‘do (yes, I cut my own hair). And I just continued to watch my natural roots grow in. I grew more accepting of what Mother Nature’s intended-color for me at this time of my life was meant to be.

I have about 4″ of natural color grown in, and I’m getting more used to it. It’s at that awkward stage of having the bottom half of my hair still in the L’Oreal shade, but I think it looks okay. I’ve noticed that my scalp seems in better condition, and is oilier for some reason. Hair color seemed to dry my scalp (and hair) out.

In any event, I have to admit that it’s a big relief not to have to go through the hassle and mess of at-home hair coloring anymore!

~Marilyn 🙂

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