Knit a Vintage 60s Scandinavian Ski Sweater and Hat – Free Pattern

This is a stunning vintage 1967 knitting pattern for a Nordic ski sweater and cap. Knit this patterned pullover in the Scandinavian way: tubular to the shoulders on a circular needle. Method makes two-color knitting easy, eliminates purling back. Armholes are stitched and cut, sleeves are set in. Matching cap, sleeves are worked on double-pointed needles. A great wintertime project!

A beautiful yarn suggestion to make the sweater:
ENJOY! Marilyn

Vintage 1930s Coty Air-Spun Face Powder Remains a Classic Today

This really pretty Coty “Air-Spun” Face Powder ad is from 1939. Facial powder seemed to be the most popular makeup foundation in the 1930s and 40s. Women applied it directly over their facial cream. Air-Spun powder was made by actually swirling each powder particle by racing streams of air. A texture of cloud-like softness is the result.

I love the beautiful designs of the powder containers. They each came in different Coty fragrances: “Paris” in a gay blue box, Emeraude in a jewel green box, and L’Origan and L’Aimant in the “powder-puff” box.

What’s really cool is that the original Coty Airspun powder in the powder puff box is still sold today!

Classics remain classics for a reason.

Knit a Vintage 60s Men’s Yoked Pullover Sweater – Free Pattern

This is a classic knitting pattern from 1967 for a men’s yoke-design pullover in knitting worsted. Body is knit on a circular needle, sleeves on two needles, to underarm; then they are joined to work four-color yoke from a chart. Perfect for festive wintertime wear!


24 Vintage 1965 International High Fashion Hand Knitted Sweaters

This February 1965 issue of Woman’s Day magazine – complete with ink doodles and stains – is a treasure trove of 24 high fashion international sweaters to knit. Alas, the knitting patterns were not printed in the magazine, but you could mail in a coupon and 50 cents to receive instructions for all 24 designs. The sweaters are all truly beautiful and capture the essence of each country.

SCOTTISH cardigan in Shetland wool has an intricate Fair Isle design. FRENCH sweater in featherweight mohair has deep V-neckline. SWEDISH pop-on has design of hearts and arrows in a mohair blend. ITALIAN cardigan with diamond design is knit of mohair. CANADIAN all wool ski pullover with built-up neck shows an attractive contrast in stitches.

WEST GERMAN wool pullover with raglan sleeves and banner stripes. BAVARIAN peasant sweater with crocheted drawstrings in wool. ARGENTINIAN geometric design pop-on has loose cuffed collar. ENGLISH fleece and wool cardigan with scalloped effect combines seed stitch and cable stitch. HONG KONG wool cardigan jacket has a mandarin collar and pockets decorated with cable stitch. DANISH slipover with buttoned placket has a knit-in design of sylized flowers. PERUVIAN wool cardigan has striking knit-in design on back and front yoke.

PORTUGUESE fisherman’s sweater of lightweight wool is decoratively embroidered in cross-stitch. ARAN ISLE natural wool cardigan is knit in a variety of pattern stitches that give it a fascinating texture. DUTCH pullover of tweedy wool yarn displays an allover leaf pattern. AUSTRIAN wool/mohair blend cardigan in a smart stockinette and cable stitch design. NORWEGIAN wool pull-on with bold, traditional knit-in design and boat neck. MEXICAN pullover knit of wool in a a slip-stitch pattern shows off a multicolored knit-in design against solid beige.

AUSTRALIAN wool ski pull-on has giant cable stitch bands with gray stripes pulled through. FINNISH (Yay! 😀 ) mohair blend pullover has a characteristic knit-in design on yoke and sleeves. SWISS wool pullover has allover pattern in yellow and white to create a houndstooth effect. JAPANESE turtleneck pullover with a panel of traditional kogin embroidery. ICELANDIC wool/mohair pullover has a knit-in design that suggests the northern lights. AMERICAN V-neck slipover is red, white and blue with a knit-in design of stripes. Sweater is made of a wool and mohair blend.


Knit a Vintage 60s Fair Isle Cardigan – Free Pattern

This is a fabulous vintage 1966 knitting pattern for a gorgeous Fair Isle/Nordic cardigan sweater! Perfect for the holiday festivities and winter warmth. Get started knitting this classic beauty today! Instructions and measurements are below. Click on the photos to enlarge.