Offspring Knits Designed by Trisha Sayad, 1975

Offspring Autumn ’75 Designed by Trisha Sayad – Mademoiselle August 1975 – FINNFEMME

This is a really cool ad for Offspring designed by Trisha Sayad. I’m not really familiar with Trisha, but upon a bit of research it looks like she designed a lot of bold graphic sweaters and knitwear in the 1970s. This ad features model Sunny Redmond – who I can recognize even with clown makeup on – in a whimsical pose in a whimsical sweater. This is what I miss about 70s fashion: fun, whimsy, lightheartedness, creativity and a strong boho vibe.

~Marilyn 🙂

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  1. Krystal McCammon

    Have you read anything about Zero II Sixty by Trisha Sayad? I can only find Offspring. I was just wondering if it was of the same time period or a later line.
    Thank you so much.

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