Fruit of the Loom Denim Shoulder Bag, 1975

Fruit of the Loom Denim Shoulder Bag – Seventeen August 1975 – FINNFEMME

I’ve always thought that Fruit of the Loom was dedicated to making T-shirts and underwear, but apparently they had a brief foray into denim and jeans in the 1970s. This denim shoulder bag is really cute, with its front and back pockets and jeans styling. I’m sure it would be a major collectible today, should you happen to run across it!


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  1. Arlene

    Hi Marilyn……..I seem to have found one of these Fruit of the Loom denim bags from the 70s. This one has embroidered items on it. A snail, a bird in a heart & a lady bug on the front…a strawberry bunch on one back pocket. I would assume someone added the embroidery as it suggests in the add. Seems to be pretty rare, since I can’t find, even one, for sale anywhere. I’m trying to determine a value, would you have any idea?
    Thanks so much………Arlene ;))

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