Happy Hanging Out Earth Days

I haven’t written about laundry or clotheslines in awhile, but just wanted to reassure you that I am still a 100% air-dryer (since my dryer broke in 2005). I have been rejoicing in the warmer, sunnier days here in the Pacific Northwest, because I am able to hang laundry out on my backyard clothesline. Drying times are SO MUCH faster out in the gentle warm breeze, and has the bonus of adding that mysterious magical drying scent to everything. It seems to be more prominent on sheets, which is intoxicating while drifting off to sleep.

During the winter, I have to string my laundry on drying racks, rails, and furniture. It gets tricky (and crowded) with damp laundry hanging around for days while drying. I have toyed with the idea of getting a ventless dryer, but I am so used to air-drying now that it would seem weird to have a machine do it for me. We just celebrated Earth Day yesterday, but I prefer to celebrate it every day in my own practical earth-friendly ways. Be kind to Mother Earth!


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