The New Paris Pale Sweaters and Berets, 1972

Sonia Rykiel Fashions – Mademoiselle March 1972 – FINNFEMME
Dorothee Bis, Maud Frizon, and J.A.P. Fashions – Mademoiselle March 1972 – FINNFEMME

Spring 1972 was an especially stylish time for French fashion. I really loved this blip of a moment in the early 70s, where all things Parisian were tres chic! These gorgeously hip and trendy pieces were FABULOUS. Sonia Rykiel designed all the items in the top photo: mohair and angora sweater sets, wool jersey widepants that end above the ankle, along with the berets, bags, belts, fake fruit and shoes.

The second photo showcases big puffy batwing sleeve sweaters and man-tailored trousers in pastel colors designed by Maud Frizon, J.A.P., and Dorothee Bis. Tall platform sandals and jaunty berets completed the look. At the same time, Betsey Johnson was designing similarly in the USA, and BIBA in the UK, but this was a decidedly Parisian take that only the French can do. ♥


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