WWII Beauty: All it Takes is a Bar of Soap

Camay Soap, February 1945

Beauty routines were so much simpler in the 1940s. According to this Camay soap ad from the February 1945 issue of Ladies’ Home Journal magazine, you could have lovable, softer, smoother skin with just one cake of Camay! The glowing wartime bride, Mrs. William H. Geyer of Nutley, N.J., showed off her apparent skin care results.

I like the fact that the Camay Mild-Soap Diet emphasized cleansing without irritation. One minute, morning and night, is all it took. No fussing with astringents, toners, scrubs and masks. People have a lot of sensitive skin issues these days (myself included), and it’s wise to adopt a simple cleansing routine. I’ve done the same recently, and it really has made a big difference in my reactive skin.


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  1. Julia

    I stopped using facial cleaners in my late 20s when someone said just using water made their face clear up from acne. I was skeptical at first, but years later I just use water, and it has really worked for me.

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