That Hippie Boho Natural 70s CornSilk Makeup

This vintage 1974 ad for CornSilk Cosmetics makeup seems very current to me. CornSilk foundation and powder was meant to give your skin a silky, natural glow while absorbing oil. It appealed to the more hippie/boho/folksy 70s gals, of which I was one. I had VERY oily, acne-prone skin then, and was always looking for a product that would try to stem the flood of oil!

I love this painting of a pretty, long-haired girl playing the mandolin. With her embroidered jeans, thrift store-procured antique belt buckle, cropped top and flower choker, she could fit right in today. I was a big purveyor of this style then, and to a certain extent, still am today.

CornSilk has been discontinued, as have a lot of 60s and 70s cosmetics, but I think we will see a trend back to more ‘natural’ cosmetics and looks. As with vintage fashion, what goes around comes around!

Peace out! 🙂 Marilyn

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