Coty’s Little Originals Pot Shop Makeup, 1972

The Little Originals Pot Shop by Coty, 1972

Here we have another 1970s makeup line that was trying to capture the essence of Yardley of London’s wildly popular Pot o’ Gloss. Coty had their Little Originals makeup line that was based on the idea that color should look like it came from you, not them. “A boy likes a girl who doesn’t look like a plastic toy”.

The Coty Pot Shop – as they called it – had a Blush Pot for your cheeks, Smudge Pots and Color Flicks for your eyes, and Honey Pot and Little Dippers for your your lips. They were packaged in tiny, easy-to-carry pots and pans which were similar to Yardley’s. Cute, but nothing could compare to Pot o’ Gloss in my opinion!


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  1. Doreen

    I used the Smudge Pot eye shadow in blue. I loved the shadow and the fun packaging. I couldn’t remember the manufacturer until now. Too bad Coty doesn’t exist anymore

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