Coty Does the 40s Pin-Up Red Lipsticks in the 70s

The Pin-Up Reds by Coty Originals, 1972

In the early 1970s, there was a definite ’70s does ’40s makeup and fashion trend. This 1972 Coty Originals ad is a great example. Coty was celebrating the 29th anniversary of the Coty American Fashion Critics Awards, and saluted the jitterbug, the upsweep, the funnies, short shorts and the oomphiest reds since ’43.

With a beautiful pin-up girl painting by “Horn”, it advertised Coty’s deep red lipsticks and blushers reminiscent of the 1940s. The lipsticks came in two new frosteds: Fireside Coral and City Scarlet. And two new creams: Plunging Pink and Rouge Red. The blusher had its own tinted glossy highlighter and came in Brave New Red & Shine and Rare Mauve & Shine. And they’re all as wonderful and sweet and terrific as candy stores, 78 RPM records, the Brooklyn Dodgers and 35 cent movies.


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