The Original 1973 Coty Sweet Earth Fragrances

Coty Sweet Earth Fragrances ad vintage 19731973 was the year that Coty introduced their very first collections of natural fragrances in a compact. Sweet Earth Fragrances – it was a novel idea! Arranged by threes, small enough to carry with you and smooth on whenever you like. Nine pure-as-nature essences: The Flowers, Hyacinth, Honeysuckle, Ylang Ylang. The Woods, Sandalwood, Amberwood, Patchouli, The Herbs, Chamomile, Sage, Caraway. To fill your world with the sweetness, the sultriness, the spice of life. Sweet Earth. Your earth.


12 Responses to “The Original 1973 Coty Sweet Earth Fragrances”

  1. Teen

    I am seeking info regarding.obtaing Sweet Earth Herb Fragrances. These fragrances are so clean ,fresh and refreshing. Thanks for any help. Teen

  2. Deirdre Ohara

    In the early 70’s I had a bottle of Coty gingergrass I truly loved the scent.. Where can it be found?

  3. Michelle Leclaire

    I’m trying to find coty sweet earth wood fragrances for my mom. Any information wood be greatly appreciated. She loves the patchouli the most but used them all . Thank you

  4. N Chambers

    Thank you! These were the best! They didn’t change on my skin… stayed true, unlike most scents that change dramatically on me once applied! I had the gingergrass, ylang ylang, & maybe patchouli combo. Fantastic. So wish they were still available!

  5. Kim

    I Loved these – I especially loved the Grass Scents. But all were amazing – they were pretty much all I wore in the 70s (in world filled with nasty Musk 🙁 – gives me such a headache) – These were so pleasing and gentle – and lasted – nice that they weren’t sprays, so no carrier was needed – they just smelled good! If they were still made today, I would still were perfume.

  6. Tracey

    Wish they would bring these back. I wore Sandle wood, Amber wood, and Patchouli.
    They bring everything back why not these

  7. Gvdh

    Is there recapture avaliable, in that case I like to repeat it

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