Those Vintage ’70s Wide-Leg Denim Jeans

Landlubber Jeans, Seventeen Magazine, August 1975

This is a great Landlubber ad that shows just how huge jeans were in 1975. I mean literally huge! Very wide-legged all the way down, not just below the knee like bell-bottoms. There was no such thing as lighter-weight stretch denim – as I remember, in the ’70s – so I am sure these jeans were thick 100% cotton.  A lot of material and weight. When I run across vintage denim these days, I am struck by how heavy the jeans were.

I definitely wore these because that was the style. I was one to keep up with all the trends. Luckily I was tall and thin, so I think they looked okay (of course most things look cute when you’re 19). The trick was to wear a close-fitting top as not to be overwhelmed in sheer volume. I’ve reversed this style since then. Today I prefer skinny/slim jeans with a looser style top. It’s all about balance!

~Marilyn 🙂

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