1971 Pure Magic Shimmy Dippers Super Eye & Lip Glosses

1971 Pure Magic Shimmy Dippers Eye & Lip Gloss - FinnfemmeHere is another great ad from 1971 for Pure Magic ‘Shimmy Dippers’ by Max Factor. The Shimmy Dippers were hypoallergenic eye glosses and lip glosses that ‘come in perky little pots’. The Super Eye Glosses were lustrous, luminous shadows-in-a-pot with a never-before souffle formula. In six purely-pearly shades to put a gloss on your lids and a gleam in his eye. These eye glosses look suspiciously like Yardley’s Pot o’ Gloss lip gloss, except for your eyes.

The Super Lip Glosses came in a more compact-like form; probably as not to be confused with Pot o’ Gloss lip gloss, which was wildly popular at the time. You finger slick on the newest shiny wet look for lips, plus gentle medication. In five soft slips of colors that are super-moisturizing. Dew! Dew! Dew! Take the plunge!


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  1. Joel Gilman

    I was the art director on this ad. Albert Watson was my photographer. The model was Amy Piper. We shot this in Griffith Park in Los Angles. The boy in the ad was Mike Edwards who was for a time Priscilla Presley’s boyfriend. We had a lot of fun the day of this shoot. Many other ads for Pure Magic were created that day. I was responsible for all of the Max Factor advertising during the 70’s. I was in my 20’s and it was like living on fantasy island.

  2. finnfemme

    Hi Joel!
    Wow that is fascinating information, thank you! What an incredible career you must have had. I really love this ad so much – so colorful and fun. Isn’t it great that we got to experience life in the 1970s as young people? It’s my favorite decade by far.

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