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Peter Max Funbrella and Right Guard 1970

Peter Max was one of the brightest artists in the 60s and 70s.  Man, I loved his fab psychedelic prints, full of color and wonder!  He added a needed lightness and fun to the often grim days of protests, Vietnam war, and Watergate.  He was also great at product placement, noting here a 1970 advertisement… Read more »

60s Campbell Soup Kids Go Flower Child!

I love this fabulous vintage 1968 advertisement for Campbell’s Soup!  Actually, it is for the poster “The Campbell Hang-Up” that you could send in for.  It features the iconic Campbell Soup Kids as Hippie Flower Children in a psychedelic Peter Max-ish print.  Far-out, man! To get this way-out 2′ by 3′ poster, you had to… Read more »

Vintage Laundry and Tide – No Rinsing Needed?

This is a fab vintage Tide ad from Ladies’ Home Journal,  January 1951.  I love how it portrays neighboring housewives comparing laundry over a white picket fence.  Of course they are drying their laundry on clotheslines, as most households at that time didn’t have automatic dryers.  Hearing tales from my mother and grandmother, it was… Read more »

Olivia Hussey ~Juliet~ for 60s Yardley of London

Olivia Hussey remains one of the most iconic beauties of the 60s for me, along with Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton.  God, she was sheer perfection.  I was a very awkward 13 year old in 1968 when The Franco Zeffirelli production of Romeo and Juliet came out.  Of course, I trundled off to the movies and… Read more »