Fab 50s Vintage Bolero Sweater Knitting Pattern

Vintage Bolero Knitting PatternSince this is my first post of the new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I thought I’d start out 2013 with a great knitting pattern.  This beauty is from 1954, and is a really splendid short bolero cardigan pattern.  Knit with jumbo knitting needles, I love the cuffed 3/4th sleeves and pointed shawl collar.  Sweet!

This is vintage sizing, so size 12 correlates to a 34″ bust.  Size 14 is a 36″ bust.  Size 16 is a 38″ bust.  Happy Knitting!

Download Pattern Here

~~Marilyn Huttunen


5 Responses to “Fab 50s Vintage Bolero Sweater Knitting Pattern”

  1. Faina

    Hi, Marilyn!
    Thank you so much for posting this pattern!
    I have a couple of questions about it.
    I’m working on some knitting research project and I need to compare the relationships between armhole depth and sleeve cap height in vintage and contemporary patterns. I intend to publish what I find out in a knitting magazine. So, can I use this pattern in publishing my results? Do you have any knowledge about copy right situation with this pattern?
    I would really appreciate any additional information.
    Thank you!

  2. Helen Ravic

    Hello Marilyn,
    Have downloaded my pattern, brought my wool, an Aron, but what size UK
    needles do I need.
    Many thanks , Helen

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