Peter Max Funbrella and Right Guard 1970

Peter Max was one of the brightest artists in the 60s and 70s.  Man, I loved his fab psychedelic prints, full of color and wonder!  He added a needed lightness and fun to the often grim days of protests, Vietnam war, and Watergate.  He was also great at product placement, noting here a 1970 advertisement for Right Guard deodorant where you could get an exclusive and original Peter Max Funbrella offer.

This umbrella, er, ‘Funbrella’ was awesome!  All you had to do was send $3.95 and a proof-of-purchase from Right Guard.  In 100% vinyl it had “wild colors and groovy designs”.  I totally missed out on this offer as well!  It was probably because, even though I grew up in Seattle, I rarely used an umbrella.  Also, I never used Right Guard either.  The scent of it brings back haunting memories of junior high P.E. class locker rooms, where the spray lingered – that stuff was dreadful!

But it’s fun to look back at my old magazines and see what I missed, and what I coulda woulda had.  It’s stuff like this that becomes collectible and valuable in the future.  If only I would have realized it back then!

~Marilyn Huttunen

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