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Peter Max Paints Panty Hose Vintage 1970

As a vintage clothing collector and dealer, there are just some things that would be an absolute delight to run across. I think these Peter Max Paints nylon stockings would be right up there in the “Holy Grail of Vintage” category. Made by Burlington-Cameo and designed by Peter Max in 1970, these gloriously designed stockings… Read more »

The Peter Max 1970 Fashion Explosion!

Artist Peter Max, with his joyous creativity and effervescent ideas, burst into fashion for the first time in 1970. His colorful, psychedelic  designs had an Age of Aquarius bent, with astrological leanings and messages of peace and love. These Peter Max fashions from the April 1970 issue of Seventeen magazine are just so far out,… Read more »

Peter Max Funbrella and Right Guard 1970

Peter Max was one of the brightest artists in the 60s and 70s.  Man, I loved his fab psychedelic prints, full of color and wonder!  He added a needed lightness and fun to the often grim days of protests, Vietnam war, and Watergate.  He was also great at product placement, noting here a 1970 advertisement… Read more »