60s Campbell Soup Kids Go Flower Child!

I love this fabulous vintage 1968 advertisement for Campbell’s Soup!  Actually, it is for the poster “The Campbell Hang-Up” that you could send in for.  It features the iconic Campbell Soup Kids as Hippie Flower Children in a psychedelic Peter Max-ish print.  Far-out, man!

To get this way-out 2′ by 3′ poster, you had to send in 3 different labels from either Campbell’s Tomato, Vegetable Beef, Chicken Vegetable, Chicken Gumbo, Chili Beef or Beef Noodle Soup, and 50 cents with the coupon.  Too bad I ate only Campbell’s Bean with Bacon soup; it’s not on the list.

I wish I would have had the foresight as a then-13 year old to have sent in for the poster and then tucked it away to sell 44 years later on eBay.   I’m sure it would be a very collectible piece of ephemera.

M’m!  M’m!  Groovy! (Their words – it was the 60s 🙂 )

~Marilyn Huttunen

5 Responses to “60s Campbell Soup Kids Go Flower Child!”

  1. Djdstoner

    I have several of these posters in near mint condition that I bought over 20+ years ago at a garage sale. The colors are so brilliant and poster was designed by an artist that worked at Push Pin Studios in NY. Beautiful poster. Would you like to make me an offer for one? I actually sold one on eBay years ago.

  2. Aurea Reznicek

    Do you still have the Cambells Kids poster?What is the size? How much are you asking?Thank you. Aurea

  3. Mark

    I have one of these posters that I picked up several years ago at a garage sale, very good + condition, no tape mark, no pinholes or creases.

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