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Vintage 1949 Ivory Snow Soap For Washing Lingerie

First of all, I love Ivory soap.  There is just something about the smell of it that evokes clean familiarity.  I am glad that they have not changed the formulation or scent of the soap that’s still 99 44/100% pure!  What the “unpure” .56% was, I never found out.  It remains an unsolved mystery from… Read more »

Fab 50s Vintage Bolero Sweater Knitting Pattern

Since this is my first post of the new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I thought I’d start out 2013 with a great knitting pattern.  This beauty is from 1954, and is a really splendid short bolero cardigan pattern.  Knit with jumbo knitting needles, I love the cuffed 3/4th sleeves and pointed shawl collar.  Sweet! This… Read more »

A Happy New Year’s (Eve) To You!

As I write this, I realize that most of the world has already celebrated the arrival of 2013.  But living in the Pacific Northwest, we still have about 6 hours to go until the appointed hour.  I am tucked into my house on this very cold night and am commencing to cook Hoppin’ John and… Read more »

Peter Max Funbrella and Right Guard 1970

Peter Max was one of the brightest artists in the 60s and 70s.  Man, I loved his fab psychedelic prints, full of color and wonder!  He added a needed lightness and fun to the often grim days of protests, Vietnam war, and Watergate.  He was also great at product placement, noting here a 1970 advertisement… Read more »

60s Campbell Soup Kids Go Flower Child!

I love this fabulous vintage 1968 advertisement for Campbell’s Soup!  Actually, it is for the poster “The Campbell Hang-Up” that you could send in for.  It features the iconic Campbell Soup Kids as Hippie Flower Children in a psychedelic Peter Max-ish print.  Far-out, man! To get this way-out 2′ by 3′ poster, you had to… Read more »