Yardley of London Cellophanes Lipcolor 1969

Yardley of London Cellophanes ad 1969I love this beautiful 1969 Yardley of London ad for Cellophanes Lipcolors and Nailcolors, featuring model Patsy Sullivan. This was nearing the end of Yardley’s fabulously romantic and colorful London Mod-type ad campaigns of the mid to late ’60s. The ’70s brought a more subdued, “natural” makeup look to Yardley advertising, so it’s fun to relish these psychedelic ’60s ads.

Patsy is decked out in pretty ringlet pigtails tied with shimmering pink cellophane. She’s got that wide-eyed, long-lashed London look that only British models had. Her lips are pretty in pink, and her nails are long and equally pretty in pink.


Yardley of London vintage 1969 cellophanes ad

The look to change your life – liquidy Cellophanes lipcolors – so water-clear…glissy…you can SHINE THRU ~ SEE-THRU ~ KISS-THRU without the lipstick barrier. New Yardley Cellophanes lipcolors: closer to your lips than anything but his kisses. New Yardley Cellophanes nailcolors: closer to your nails than anything but his touch. 

The color names are really great too: Coffee for Two, Baby Buff, Close Close Coral, Cuddle Rose, Hug that Pink, Peachy Close, Beige Together, and Snuggle Pink. By Yardley, of course. 🙂





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