Olivia Hussey for Yardley’s Devonshire Cremes Lipstick 1969

Olivia Hussey 1969 Yardley of LondonHere’s a fabulous 1969 Yardley of London Devonshire Cremes lipstick ad featuring the ever-gorgeous Olivia Hussey! This one is so pretty; almost ethereal. There is no mention of Olivia Hussey’s name, nor her attachment to her role as Juliet in the 1968 film, Romeo and Juliet. She is simply looking very fetching, in an English countryside kind of way, with a parasol and flowers in her hair.

Fresh from the Yardley Creamery – The Devonshire Cremes Lipsticks. Six new creme-on-creme shades to color you morning-soft…country-fresh. So innocent, who could resist you? In shades of Red Applecreme, Country Creme Peach, Devonshire Rose, Pink Cow, Country-Lane Coral, and Butternut Beige.

It seems as though Olivia Hussey’s modeling days for Yardley of London were nearing an end in 1969. I haven’t found any ads featuring her beyond that date, but I am ever on the search in my big stash o’ Seventeen magazines from my teen years. She was just such an exquisitely stunning woman – a rare beauty.


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  1. Diane Laag

    Hi Marilyn,
    In case you are interested, It seem that after these Yardley ads, Olivia went on to marry Dino Martin Jr. After their divorce , she did a lot of modeling in Japan.
    If you go on eBay and just search for Olivia Hussey photos, you will see a ton of pics along with descriptions of where they were taken.
    Maybe you are aware of this already.
    I am still reading your site and truly enjoy your stories and pics. Take care.

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