Vintage 1973 Yardley of London Delicate Dazzlers Pot o’ Shadow

Since 1970, Yardley of London had a huge hit on its hands with their glorious Pot o’ Gloss. In 1973 they came out with Pot o’ Shadow, which came in the same type of cute pot that Pot o’ Gloss did.  It was marketed as soft, whipped eye shines that shimmer and play the light around your eyes. They finger-tipped on easily, and stayed on evenly.

Of course it mainly came in blue shades (Forever Aqua, Forever Blue, Forever Lilac, Forever Baby Blue), which were THE eye shadow shades of the early 1970s. They also included the boring Forever Brown and Forever White, for those of us with brown eyes who didn’t look good in blues. 😛


2 Responses to “Vintage 1973 Yardley of London Delicate Dazzlers Pot o’ Shadow”

  1. Anna

    I just found your blog while Googling 70s makeup! I am OBSESSED with Yardley ads, especially the hand-drawn looking ones like Cellophanes. If I’d been born a decade earlier I probably would have had an even bigger makeup collection than I did in the 80s and 90s. Thanks for sharing all these goodies!!

  2. finnfemme

    You’re welcome, Anna! I didn’t really realize a good thing (Yardley makeup) until it was gone. I sure enjoyed using it in the 70s though! As you can tell by my many Yardley of London ads here on my blog, I am obsessed too!

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