The Ultimate In Vintage 70s Decorated Jeans!

Absolutely the ultimate in jeans, created by Linda Sampson.

The March 1971 issue of Ingenue magazine featured this incredible pair of decorated blue jeans. These one-of-a-kind jeans were created by Linda Sampson, a young New Yorker who designed and created in her spare time. She took a pair of well-aged dungarees, covered them with a fairy-tale fantasy of applique and embroidery and turned them into a work of art. Reaction to these decorated jeans was so positive that Linda took them to a well-know New York boutique. They immediately ordered a pair to sell at $250! (That would convert to $1,575.04 in today’s buying power.)

Decorating denim jeans was a groovy DIY crafting trend in the late 60s/early 70s. I remember embroidering my Levis jeans with daisies and peace signs. I also sewed an inset of colorful fabric at outside seam hem. My only regret was that I DID NOT SAVE MY JEANS. They would probably be worth a fortune now. Live and learn!



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