1971 ‘TEEN Magazine Half ‘n’ Half Cover Model Look

March 1971 ‘TEEN Magazine Half ‘n’ Half Cover Girl

This is one of the most notorious ‘Teen magazine covers, which today seems rather quaint. Featuring Bonnie as the model – apparently last names were not used – for a “split personality” look.

‘TEEN begged the question: “Do blondes have HALF as much fun as redheads? Do redheads have HALF as much fun as blondes? Are green eyes HALF as appealing as blue? Are blue eyes HALF as interesting as green?” Deep, deep questions to ponder…

Did ‘TEEN really split Bonnie’s look? No. It was achieved through a “complicated retouching process” by professional photographers, with the technology that was available at the time. It is a striking photo, however; one that has stayed in my memory since I first got the issue in 1971.


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