Happy Halloween! Vintage 1971 Styx-The Magical Fragrance

Happy Halloween!

This is a great mystically spooky ad from the October 1971 issue of Seventeen magazine. It is for Styx fragrances, and features a black-cloaked model saying, “I’ll be his magician. Let me touch him with my magical Styx.”

In the late ’60s/early ’70s, there was a certain fascination with all things mysterious. Ouija boards, tarot cards, Dark Shadows, vampires, monsters, and fortune-telling were big. This Styx ad was going along with the trendy zeitgeist of the times.

Styx is named for the mysterious underground river know for centuries as “The River of the Unbroken Oath”. So when you used Styx, its powers were not to be taken lightly as the effect was not a fleeting one. There were seven different, hauntingly fragrant potions, each with its own spell. Commit them to memory and use as needed…

Eau de Mischief: “Styx river, Styx water, mystery double, Turn him my way or give him trouble!”

Creme Fatale: “Blood run hot, heart beat fast, Warm his love and make it last.”

Quicksilver Powder: “Lightshine, quickshine, blind his eyes to any other girl but me.”

Triple-Ripple Bath Brew: “Stir his heart as I stir these waters. Disturb him with my image.”

Spell-Spinning Spray: I summon the spirits, the powers that be, whisper my message, enchant him for me.”

Destiny Drops: “Take his will away, I say, make (his name) the slave of my charms.”

Now get out there and stir up some vintage magic potions for Halloween. BOO! 😀


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