The 1971 Yardley Pot o’ Glossapalooza!

Being the vintage Yardley of London freak that I am, I thought I had exhausted all the Seventeen magazine Yardley advertising from my personal collection. But, no; I just found an amazing two-page ad in the March 1971 issue. And it’s for my absolute favorite, Pot o’ Gloss!

The cool thing is that there were a variety of Pot o’ Glosses back then; Tinted Lip Gloss, Cheek Gloss, Eye Gloss, and Skin Inscents. You could be glossed all over! I adored the lip gloss so much that I never paid much attention to the other Pot o’ Gloss items, I guess. The divine scent, the tacky feel, and the pretty look of the lip gloss is burned into my memory forever.

Was is striking about this Yardley ad, however, is the deep suntans of the models. 1971 was not about porcelain English Rose beauty; more like how dark your tan could get. The pale British Mod movement of the 1960s was taken over by suntanned American Bohemians in the 1970s.


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