Winter-eyes With Maybelline Frosty Whites 1969

Maybelline Frosty Whites Eye Shadow ad - 1969 - FinnfemmeThis is a great December 1969 ad for Maybelline Frosty Whites eye shadow and eye liner. It has a sparkly, wintry feel to it, with the luminously pale model decked out in Frosty Whites makeup.

White eye shadow was popular in the late ’60s. In reality, it made all but a few of us look pale and ghostly – especially when teamed with white lipstick (which no one should ever wear)!

To use Frosty Whites, you start with a line of Ivory White…cake or fluid. Then add darker liner to show off the white. Brush on Pearl White Ultra Shadow to highlight pastel shadows, to widen your eyes. For extra excitement at night, use Crystal White Stick Shadow iwth a line of iridescent Fluid Liner. The forecast can only be extra beauty for your eyes…when you face the winter with Frosty Whites.


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