Maybelline Waterborne Eye Shadow~Vintage 1971

Maybelline Waterborne Eye Shadow-Vintage 1971 | FinnfemmeMaybelline makeup was a mainstay in the 1970s. Not as hip and groovy as Yardley of London or Love Cosmetics, but it did its own thing. Blue and pastel eye shadows were huge at the time, not that anyone looked good in them!

This circa 1971 ad is for Maybelline Waterborne Eye Shadow. It came in colors born of the sea, watercolor soft, shimmering shades in three different pale and pearly collections. The model is wearing a trio of blue, white and green eye shadows, which in real-life would have looked rather horrifying I suspect.

You were to dip the sable-soft brush in water and stroke cool, sea-fresh colors onto your lids. Or mix one shade with another. On closer review, this is suspiciously similar to Yardley’s Glimmerick Paint Box or Sigh Shadow collection. I don’t know which company knocked each other off – but needless to say, blue eye shadow was hot commodity in the early ’70s.


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