Pretty in Woodbury Dream Stuff, 1955

FINNFEMME: Pretty in Woodbury Dream Stuff, Vintage 1955Woodbury Dream Stuff: When you’ve just got to be beautiful in nothing flat…

Such a pretty ad from the August 1955 issue of Woman’s Home Companion! I love the gorgeous model in flowers and pastels – so feminine.

Dream Stuff was a sheer, clinging foundation-and-powder in compact form. It was intended for the busy modern woman who must look lovely in nothing flat. Slide the velvety consistency on the puff from nose to cheekbone. It leaves a clear path of beauty! The stunning new ivory-and-gold mirrored compact cost $1.00. The blue-and-gold box cost 49 cents.

I rarely see women use compacts anymore, but they were a really useful and handy beauty tool.


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  1. Julia

    The model looks very much like Audrey Hepburn’s photos of her first wedding, to Mel Ferrer. The headpiece and top of the dress, and the general look is very reminiscent. I should check which came first, the wedding or the ad Cheers!

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