Vintage 1968 Yardley of London Christmas Gift Sets

Yardley of London ad vintage 1968 ChristmasYardley of London ad 1968Christmas 1968 was a peak time for Yardley of London must-have gift sets. Olivia Hussey was starring in Romeo and Juliet at the time, and was also an extremely popular Yardley model. It was just a magical, romantic period and Yardley seemed to capture its essence in their products and promotions. The Slicker Dolly Express (8 Slickers and Lipsticks), Slicker Block Lip Polish, and Oh! de London talc, cologne, bubble bath and spray mist were the grooviest products. Well, at least for 13 year old me at the time. I would have killed to have gotten any of these! The other sets were for Yardley’s signature English Lavender, Khadine, Springflowers, Red Roses, April Violets and White Lavender.

This ad, from the December 1968 issue of Seventeen magazine, is pretty interesting in that it compiles not only the gift sets available but also the prices. For comparison’s sake using the CPI Inflation Calculator, the Slicker Dolly Express at $3.95 in 1968 would cost $26.95 today. The Slicker Lip Polish at $1.65 would be $11.26 today. And the most expensive set, Khadine Harem Chest at $15.00 would be $102.34 today. I was making 50 cents an hour babysitting, so it puts into perspective why I wasn’t buying much Yardley and why I coveted it so!


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  1. Linda Gubbe

    I came across your blog while looking for the Yardley Slicker Express. (I thought it was Mary Quant but then found the Yardley references). One of my favorite Christmas gifts of all time was receiving the Yardley Slicker Express with its eight lip glosses when I was a freshman (9th grade) in high school. I would love to find one of these to buy for sentimental reasons!

  2. finnfemme

    Hi Linda!
    My 13-year-old self is jealous that you actually received the Slicker Dolly Express for Christmas! They come up occasionally for sale on eBay; the last one selling for $102.00, with it being used and 3 lipsticks missing.

  3. Beth

    I have a Halloween Slicker I purchased from ebay, years ago. I have never seen it on the internet, nor heard about it. Anyone else familiar? It is in an solid orange plastic tube, with the black scrollwork design on bottom of tube. The name of the lipstick is “Candied Apple Kiss”, and the label also says, “Slicker Lip Licks”.

    Definitely more “modern” than the metal tubes from the 60s….

    Viva la Yardley!

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