Olivia Hussey For Yardley’s Oh! de London Christmas 1968

Yardley Oh! de London ad 1968 Olivia Hussey JulietThis is one of Yardley of London’s iconic ads for Oh! de London fragrance from December 1968. It features Olivia Hussey, star of the Franco Zeffirelli production of Romeo and Juliet which was an extremely popular movie at the time. I love the ad’s tie-in to the movie: Oh! Romeo, Romeo – Oh! Falling in Love – Oh! Happy Dizzy Wonderful World – Oh! Rapture – Oh! de London.

Olivia was the perfect Juliet, as well as being the perfect Yardley Girl model. She had that luminescent English beauty that was so glorious.  Oh! de London was a frisky-frilly London fragrance. Full of tender flowers, It was oh-so mod and romantic. I haven’t smelled it since probably 1968, but I can still recall its poignant and incredible scent.


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