Vintage Yardley of London Glimmerick Eye Shadow

Yardley of London Glimmerick eye shadow 1968I’m on a bit of a nostalgic Yardley of London makeup kick, so here we go with another fabulous 60s/70s makeup product – Glimmerick eye shadow. Created in 1968, it was a water-color eye shadow. This means you added water to it to create your own level of color intensity. Pastel colors were all the rage – blue, lavender, aqua, yellow, and pink. This stuff was intense! It really stayed on – kind of like applying spackle.

Yardley of London Glimmerick Paint Box 1972In 1972 Yardley came out with the Glimmerick Paint Box. Just like the water color paint box we used as kids. It had a mixing tray and brush so you could make a lighter shadow with more water, or a heavier one with less water. I had this one and remember it got pretty darn messy. I never really looked good in blue eye shadow either. As much as I love Yardley makeup, I think I will leave this product in the past. 🙂



18 Responses to “Vintage Yardley of London Glimmerick Eye Shadow”

  1. Penna Piper

    I love this paintbox with watercolor for your eyes! Please bring this product back. Its the only eyeshadow that did not bother my eyes. I love the yardley paintbox and cannot believe it is not back on the market yet by clinique or someone…How about a kickstarted for this wonderful 1972 product. Love it. Still looking for it…

  2. Cynthia Crites

    I agree I loved this paintbox with watercolor for my eyes!! Please bring this product back I believe that todays girls would love it too. I such success with this product. I have looked for it before and never found it. Please consider bringing this back.

  3. Donna Russell

    I bought this paint box in late summer 1970 at the neighborhood drugstore in Memphis, TN. Definitely remember using it the entirety of my high school senior year – 1970-71. Absolutely loved it!!!

  4. Wendy Hill

    I had the turquoise tin Yardley’s eyeshadow paintbox NOTHING would make me happier than to have one for my girlfriends 60th birthday Bring it back, PLEASE

  5. Lynette

    Wished they would bring back many of the Yardley products from the sixties and seventies. The Glimerick paint box was the best we would line our eyes in these gorgeous pastels and Slicker it was the best so creamy so light and the scent I can still conjure the delightful smell in my mind. I agree that I think if they brought these products back they would be a hit with today’s youth and even we women that reminisce that wonderful era will buy for it was such good products!

  6. Bridget Keating

    Please bring the paintbox back. I truly loved it I couldn’t have gotten through high school without it, it was and probably would still be the best shadow on market. Someone needs to bring it back

  7. Liz

    I also loved the Glimmerick line – used it all through the late 60s and 70s. And TBH I *did* look good in the blue eyeliner! 🙂 I’d give anything to have another one. Please, Yardley, bring this back!

  8. Linda Gilliam

    Oh, I can still smell the Slicker lipsticks and the oh de London, i adored that Glimmericks…
    I’d buy it in a heartbeat if they’d bring it back…PRETTY PLEASE YARDLEY

  9. jocheryl

    yes…bring it back..i have spent my life looking for an eye shadow like this…seems like there was a pale blue too, i loved it and kept it for years as i little went a long way..i would give anything to have this eye shadow again!!!!

  10. jocheryl

    i loved the lavender oatmeal soap, i love the liquid foundation…other eye shadows too i remember but those purple and blue striped containers…they were my teen aged joy and bliss

  11. Dsudds

    I still have two of the paintboxes, and still use the eyeshadows occasionally. Wasn’t there a third box set? Please do bring them back, with the old colors and new ones too! They would be smash hits!

  12. Deb Wineland

    Omg!!! I was and still obsessed with the Yardley’s! Just bought the “dolly’s”, their still good and that scent! I wish I could find the paintbox though. Brings me right back to high school!

  13. Kathleen Lawless

    I loved this eye shadow wish I could still get it

  14. Kathleen Lawless

    I loved this eye shadow wish I could still get it. Is it available to buy in the US

  15. Cindy

    I wish someone would make the paintbox again, I just loved it. I have looked everywhere, where can I but it in the us?

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