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This American Anglophile Celebrates The Royal Baby!

After months of waiting, the Royal Baby is finally here! Yes, I am an unapologetic Anglophile. Many congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their new baby boy. While it is exciting, I do like the distance afforded by living across the pond from the frenzied UK media. American media… Read more »

Kate Middleton (and me) at the Olympics

Being an unapologetic Olympics lover, I’m really enjoying seeing Kate Middleton also getting into the Olympics!  Doesn’t it seem like she is at every event?  With a front row seat to most venues, she can be seen clapping, shouting, jumping, and even doing The Wave.  I can be seen doing these things too…only, I am… Read more »

Sweet Vintage 40s Bolero Knitting Pattern

I love it when I come across variations of vintage knitting patterns; this beauty is another sweet version of Kate’s royal reception angora bolero sweater.  Named the Dolman Bolero, it is from the 1940s.  Just adorable and oh-so stylish!  I think it would look fabulous knitted in fluffy angora, and I love the big button… Read more »

Kate Goes To The Movies In Matthew Williamson

It’s been almost a year since the extraordinarily beautiful and fashionable royal couple, William and Kate, said their wedding vows.  Egad, that was such a stunning extravaganza!  I adored Kate’s wedding gown, and especially loved the fluffy white bolero that topped her reception gown.  All that British Royal pomp and circumstance was quite thrilling too…. Read more »

Secondhand Kate: The Duchess Goes Thrifting!

My heart was warmed, once again, by the fabulous Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.  Of course, I think she is just marvelous and genuine and real, so there is really little about her that doesn’t warm my heart!  Her completely sensible and stunning sartorial taste is to be admired. I positively glowed hearing that the coat… Read more »

Vintage 60s ‘Kate’ Shawl Knitting Pattern

I found this really lovely vintage 1968 knitting pattern for a shawl quite similar to Kate Middleton’s green shawl she wore out grocery shopping.   It is really large, has a nice open-work pattern, and is heavily fringed.  It measures 56 inches across the long edge and 28 inches long at the center back, excluding fringe. … Read more »