Vintage 60s ‘Kate’ Shawl Knitting Pattern

I found this really lovely vintage 1968 knitting pattern for a shawl quite similar to Kate Middleton’s green shawl she wore out grocery shopping.   It is really large, has a nice open-work pattern, and is heavily fringed.  It measures 56 inches across the long edge and 28 inches long at the center back, excluding fringe.  Knit in standard 4-ply yarn using a circular needle.

I love how shawls really stand the test of time.  They never completely go out of style, but they do seem to surge in popularity every 5-6 years or so.  Kate seems to be bringing back the shawl right now.  The last shawl resurgence was in 2004 when Jessica Simpson wore Cecilia De Bucourt’s crocheted flower petal shawl, catapulting Cecilia’s and similar shawls into the fashion stratosphere.  I actually crocheted up several of the flower petal shawls in different colors.  They are really pretty, but to be honest, not too practical.  There is way too much air space to keep you from being warm!

This shawl seems like it would be very warm to wrap up in, while retaining a feminine edge.  The heavy fringe is super cool too.  I think I’m going to actually knit this one up.  I’ve been cleaning out the spare bedroom (AKA the depository of stuff), and I found a HUGE bag of yarn.  Hmmm…I was wondering where it all went -ha!  Looks like I will have no excuses not to be busy knitting this winter.  I promise I will post pics of the finished product, and I hope you will send me pics if you do the same.  🙂

Download Shawl Pattern Here: Shawl Knitting Pattern

~Marilyn Huttunen


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  1. finnfemme

    Hi Michelle, no I haven’t made this particular shawl, but I have made similar styles. They are pretty easy to make, and I have limited knitting skills. So I think you should make it :D… and be sure to send me pics of the final product!

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