Kate Goes To The Movies In Matthew Williamson

It’s been almost a year since the extraordinarily beautiful and fashionable royal couple, William and Kate, said their wedding vows.  Egad, that was such a stunning extravaganza!  I adored Kate’s wedding gown, and especially loved the fluffy white bolero that topped her reception gown.  All that British Royal pomp and circumstance was quite thrilling too.

A year has passed, and certainly Kate has not disappointed us with any fashion faux pas.  My goodness, I think she is actually getting more gorgeous and chic by the day!  For instance, take a look at Kate and Will’s recent movie outing (to the U.K. premiere of “African Cats” at the British Film Institute).  Kate is wearing a lovely dress by British designer, Matthew Williamson.  The dress is sleek, gray, and has embellished neckline and sleeves.  She looks positively incredible, with an elegant, yet youthful, air about her.

Can this girl do no wrong?  Not in my book!  Keep up the divine fashion sense, Duchess; you are truly an inspiration.

~Marilyn Huttunen

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