Scholl “Better than Barefoot” Exercise Sandals, 1974

Scholl Exercise Sandals Ad – Mademoiselle April 1974 ~Finnfemme

“Come feel the hills and valleys of your feet”. This is a very poetic ad for Scholl exercise sandals. These sandals were extremely popular in the 70s, even though (I thought) they were hard to wear. This 1974 version came in either a red, blue, or bone cushioned leather strap, and a flat or raised heel. They sold for $12.95 ($68.08 in today’s dollar).

“Come rest your feet in the hollows and the rises.

Experience the coolness of polished beechwood against the warmth of bare skin.

Feel the little mound we call the toe-grip, that helps you turn mere steps into a beautiful toning and awakening for your legs.

Celebrate the sole, for it is the most sensitive thing of all.

Scholl, the original Exercise Sandal.

Feeling is believing.”


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  1. Krista Lynn Jones

    I remember these well! I definitely wore out a few pairs. I didn’t wear shoes/sandals for long though. I preferred (and still do) to be barefoot! They were slippery. I remember the insole being really hard! I could never wear them now!

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