Vintage 70s Vanity Fair Leopard Print Collectible Lingerie!

Vanity Fair Nylon Leopard Print Gown, 1976

Vanity Fair had some exquisite products, including its line of silky nylon leopard print lovelies from their famed lingerie collection. This elegantly styled ad, from the September 1976 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, showcases one of their “New Breed of Pajama”.

Perfectly matched make-believe leopard skins leashed with satiny cords at the back. Here, in its latest version, a bareback little step-in of Vanity Fair’s Ravissant of anti-cling Antron III nylon. From Sleepwear, but it purrs contentedly under furs too. 30 to 36. About $30 (in 1976).


One Response to “Vintage 70s Vanity Fair Leopard Print Collectible Lingerie!”

  1. finnfemme

    I just checked the inflation calculator: $30.00 in 1976 has the same buying power as $138.54 in 2019. On the pricier end for nightgowns!

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