Vintage 1973 DIOR Twilight Bright Nail Gloss

This fabulous 1973 Christian Dior nail polish ad is very forward-thinking; it feels modern and on-trend. Even the use of one word with a period – Twilights. Dior. – is very current.

Shimmering. Shiny. Gleaming nails and lips. Now in soft, clear, twinkling colors of gloss. There were four new Dior Twilight Bright Nail Gloss and Lip Gloss shades for Spring: Polaris Pink, Evening Green, Setting Sun, and Twilight Violet.


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  1. Doreen

    Dior used to make a beautiful shade in the mid ‘70’s, it was a very dark navy blue with a drop of purple to it. It was my favorite shade and so unusual for that time. I wish I could find the name. Any ideas?

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