Vintage 1972 Yardley of London Apple Polishers Pot o’ Gloss

The Apple Polishers Pot o’ Gloss
Yardley of London, 1972

Another great Yardley of London Pot o’ Gloss ad from 1972! This one is for The Apple Polishers – The rich apple colors from an autumn orchard. The lovely model looks familiar, but I can’t remember her name. Let me know if you do!

The Apple Polishers for lips came in shades of Delicious, Pomegranate , Winesap, Rome Beauty and McIntosh Red. The Apple Polishers for cheeks came in shades of Delicious, McIntosh Red and Pomegranate.

I get super nostalgic every time I find a Pot o’ Gloss ad. It literally was the best lip gloss ever made and I miss it. Yardley: if you can’t start producing Pot o’ Gloss again, could you pretty please send me some from your archives? Thank you. 🙂


3 Responses to “Vintage 1972 Yardley of London Apple Polishers Pot o’ Gloss”

  1. Susan

    That was supermodel Evelyn Kuhn. She was everywhere in the ’70s. I loved Yardley Pot o’ Gloss too, and these apple ones really did smell like apples! My sister had the Macintosh one.

  2. finnfemme

    Susan – Yes! Evelyn Kuhn, thank you!

    That is so cool that the apple ones smelled like apples. Although I was really partial to the original Pot o’ Gloss scent.


  3. Susan

    You’re very welcome! You have a cool (dare I say groovy?) web site. I miss Pot o’ Gloss products and similar items. Max Factor had mousse-y lip glosses and eyeshadows too. Do you remember the “Soft Eyes” eyeshadow from Love Cosmetics? They were a stackable trio of cream eyeshadows, such a nice texture. Also miss the “Natural Wonder” line from Revlon; it was good-quality yet affordable for this teenager!

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