Easy No-Pattern Sewing Instructions for Vintage 1970s Boho Fashions!

Bare Halter Dress and Skirt/Strapless Sundress

Tie-On Caftan, Tunic Top and Sundress










While flipping through the June 1976 issue of Glamour Magazine, I saw not only this fabulous Boho fashion editorial but HOW TO MAKE THEM! The easy, no-patterns, no zippers, no buttons instructions are included. Seriously, what fashion magazine does that anymore? Just another reason why I am glad I have a huge stash of my old 1970s fashion magazines – there are always surprises!

These beachy Bohemian-vibe fashions are timeless. For a second I thought I was looking at an Ace & Jig catalog, but quickly realized that it is now 2018 not 1976! I totally wore all these styles in the 70s, and still wear them now. Okay, maybe not the halter dress, but I rocked the look in 1976. My favorite look is the model with the striped tunic top. With her rolled-up jeans and lace-up espadrilles, she looks how I look all summer (both then and now).

The Bare Halter Dress, Skirt/Strapless Sundress, Tie-On Caftan, Tunic Top and Sundress instructions are below, with fabric suggestions. Click on the photos to enlarge:

Pattern-less Fashions Instructions

Pattern-Less Fashions Instructions











I hope you enjoy these cool pattern-less sewing instructions and fashions!




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